Ampegy …..A waste of energy or a bright spark idea?

Ampegy, all you need to know right here! Dont waste your energy scouting around 

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Ampegy Company

Ampegy is a new division of Spark Energy, a Houston-based independent energy and natural gas supplier.

As an Ampegy independent business representative you’d have the opportunity to earn income streams by marketing gas and electricity in places that it is allowed because of deregulation.

Before deregulated energy markets, the energy market was completely monopolized, which meant one company provided all aspects of service, including sales, billing and delivery. Consumers had no choice among energy providers. Spark Energy was founded by Keith Maxwell in Houston Texas to give Consumers a choice and has been a leader in the deregulated energy industry since 1999. Spark Energy has a presence in 16 states and continues to expand their energy services through a partnership with Ampegy.


Ampegy Leadership

Ampegy founder and CEO Keith Maxwell was named the Ernst & Young Entrepeneur Of The Year 2010 in the Energy, Chemicals and Mining Category and he has strong support from Ampegy’s president, Todd Thoman and vice president Christopher Duzich.

The leadership team is rounded off by a well structured group of professionals handling all aspects of the business from sales and marketing, through field development, to representative success training and support.




Ampegy Products

Ampegy say that their business opportunity and products are “recession proof” because everyone uses energy. It’s a necessity, not a luxury.

Ampegy provides their Independent Representatives the opportunity to earn revenue streams by promoting gas and electric services where allowed by the deregulation of electricity and gas providers

energy is a $200 billion industry, and deregulated markets account for more than $60 billion of that. As more and more markets become available, opportunity grows for entrepreneurial and motivated people like you to build your own successful Ampegy business in whatever way suits your lifestyle – full-time, part-time, or in your free time.


Ampegy Compensation plan.

Ampegy’s compensation plan pays independent reps a base rate dependent on the KwH consumed per month, which increases based on the KwH as well as the number of active customers enrolled. The base rate is 25 cents per KwH ( Kilowatt Hour ) per month. Therefore, you get paid monthly commissions when active customers pay their energy bills. This may sound great, but you have to remember that the payment is only a fraction of what the consumer pays. In other words, you will need to enroll a LOT of active customers to make the payout healthy. And don’t forget that you are already restricted by the fact that they are only currently approved in 10 states.

That said, as with all network marketing companies there are several revenue streams you can take advantage of.

Additional compensation includes a fast start bonus, business development bonuses, check match bonuses, three leadership positions and the potential to earn multiple revenue streams by maximizing opportunities within the deregulated energy industry. However, something that you should be aware of is that bonuses will never be paid based solely on the recruitment of Ampegy Representatives. While you will qualify and become eligible for the Fast Start Bonuses described above, you will not be paid until those new customers move to, what the company calls, “Active” status.

To be successful in Ampegy, the company says there’s just 3 simple steps:

Enrolling Customers

Sponsoring other IRs (IR=Independent Representative)

Assisting those other IRs in gathering their first Customers

Their claim is that by following this three-step plan, you have the potential to earn immediate income and create long-term residual income as you develop a team resulting in unlimited income generating levels. The compensation plan has the potential to pay out high commissions for the rep who is prepared, and capable of making lots of personal sign ups. Although Ampegy does offer some tools and support to assist you as a rep, such as their newly developed Ampegy App available for smart phones which allows you to take your business on the road.

But in the end, it is up to you to build your business team. How are you going to find people, hungry people like yourself, who want to change their lives? You need to have a way to attract those types of people.  To attain success in the twenty-first century you must know how to market. You need to have a system set up enabling you to attract people to you and your brand.

To learn how to build your own list of high quality prospects, brand yourself, and secure your future in any company you join, even Ampegy, CLICK HERE right now for a FREE training.

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