Aspiration definition
Aspiration definition

Aspiration definition

Aspiration Definition

Aspiration – Noun:
A hope or ambition of achieving something: “he had nothing tangible to back up his literary aspirations”.
The object of such an ambition; a goal.

People are Great!
And when they put their mind to it
they can achieve the seemingly impossible.

Aspiration definition

Aspiration definition

These people are ALL living their life to the fullest.
fulfilling their life aspiration.
They are pushing the boundaries in their life and going beyond.
They are realising their true passion.
They are all Leaders in their field.
Are YOU?

Leadership is regarded as the ability to rise to the challenge of change and to balance the requirements of diversity in order to realize the full potential of people, so that THEY might fulfil their life aspiration; and to promote a climate for self-actualization, whilst constantly striving to deliver the vision!

Whats your aspiration in life?
And are YOU fulfilling YOUR life aspiration?

Do you have an Aspiration definition?

Do you have the means to get yourself to where yo want to be?

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