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Internet Marketing Essentials!

I have put together a list of the essential resources I personally use on a daily basis. You simply can not do without these, if you are serious about Internet marketing:

Every Item on this page has been well researched by myself and my peers and is, hands down, the best in its class.

There are stacks of tools that I am affiliated to, but I have recommended these based off of personal results that I have been able to achieve by their continued usage. And this is what I believe you MUST have to achieve lasting success in your Internet Marketing business.  Some of these tools are free, and some are paid. In the end, its up to you to decide how serious you are about your business.

MLM Lead System Pro:
Attraction Marketing System
The most essential thing that you need to create if you want to market your business like a pro in the MLM industry is your own personal Attraction Marketing System that brands YOU as the leader.  There are MANY systems on the net, and out of all of them, without a doubt, MLSP Pro is hands down the very BEST.  Really, there isn’t any comparison.  The Unique thing about MLSP Pro when compared to other systems is that when you design your system with MLSP, it appears to your prospects as though YOU DESIGNED the entire system.  I personally use this lead system to generate massive amounts of leads per day through search engine marketing strategies, and it also gives me the ability to earn additional cash flow through the built in affiliate programs.  Basically, if you’re attempting to build an MLM business online without it, you’re Nuts! Click Here To Learn More About MLM Lead System Pro.


Article Marketing Robot

In a nutshell, Article Marketing Robot is the #1 article software that exists.   Simply put, if I didn’t have Article Marketing Robot there is no way I would be able to get on the first page of Google anytime I want. As you know, Article marketing is my absolute most highly regarded marketing strategy, and I use it to drive 95% of my website traffic. NOTHING on the internet can even compare to the power of Article marketing Robot, especially when it comes simplicity of use while at the same time being able to do everything that this can, all rolled into one…  If you are marketing your business online, don’t even question it. Click on the banner above and get the software right now, because it will absolutely blow your competition out of the water – I personally use this EVERY SINGLE DAY for my own business and I can NOT recommend it enough.

If you want to play with the big dogs, don’t walk like a puppy!!

No really…..Just get it!


Onlywire takes Hours OFF of my routine every single time I write a blog-post.  If you don’t have Onlywire, You’re Missing out in a BIG way!! Think about how long it takes you to syndicate your content to your social networks manually…THEN…Imagine posting to 40+ social networks with the push of a button… Need I say more?

AND…..If you have Onlywire, and you think that’s great! Then you definitely need Tribepro. They go hand in hand. You can only syndicate so much content yourself, even with the help of Onlywire. Imagine if you had a whole tribe syndicating your content FOR YOU via their onlywire account. Better yet, imagine having a whole bunch of tribes doing this…….Tribepro will put your business into hyperdrive!!


Traffic Geyser

Video marketing is the wave of the future in online marketing, for a few reasons.

Firstly, the search engines index new videos in literally minutes. This ensures that people searching on Google and other major search engines, can find your content VERY quickly. The faster, the better if you are a marketer right?

But manually uploading your video’s 1 by 1 can be tedious and take up too much of your time. You need a way to get it out to as many video sites as you can, as quickly as you can.

This is where Traffic Geyser comes in. In short, Traffic Geyser streamlines the process by uploading your video to more than 30 videos sites, then it places automatic social bookmarks all over the internet pointing back to your videos. It automatically posts your videos on as many blogs as you’d like to ad, and it converts your video into a PodCast and updates about 10 podcast sites…  What this means is that you can create a video and in less than 10 minutes you have 50-70 instantaneous backlinks to what ever content you are promoting.

This tool REALLY kicks ass!!  Seriously, get yourself Traffic Geyser and try it for a whole month for only $1.  Make a blog post or write an article every day and make a short video (30 seconds) announcing your blog post and broadcast it with Traffic Geyser with a link back…  If it doesn’t multiply your traffic by five times, cancel it before you’re charged, because you get a month to play.  Click Here To Check Out Traffic Geyser.


Magnetic sponsoring

This is where it all begins.  The principles of Attraction Marketing are explained in this book.  Without understanding these principles, my business would have gone under 8 months after I started.  I can single-handedly pinpoint the beginning of my success to when I finished reading this book and started implementing the principles through My Lead System Pro. If you’ve been struggling to actually piece it all together and make money online, then look no further.

Click Here To Learn More About Magnetic Sponsoring


Traffic Formula 2.0

Getting leads is an essential part of your business and to get leads on auto-pilot you need to generate traffic. This is a complete training series on various strategies to generate loads of traffic to your website. Here you’ll learn about everything from paid media strategies to free lead generation utilizing every type of strategy you can think of.

Click Here To Learn More About Traffic Formula 2.0.


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