Core concepts of marketing
Core concepts of marketing

Core concepts of marketing

The Core concepts of marketing are essential for giving you a SOLID FOUNDATION to build your career in this industry.

Core concepts of marketing

Core concepts of marketing

On this post, we are going to cover stage two of the abundance and freedom mastery series, the Core concepts of marketing

If you missed PART ONE you can go back and check it out here!

I’m going to cover the core marketing concepts that make our marketing strategies work and play a huge role in driving search engine rankings.

This will be done over a few posts linked to this one, so be sure to read to the bottom to find the link to the next stage.

OR if you are ready, or can’t wait, go straight to WEB CONTENT GUIDELINES now.


So, what are the Core concepts of marketing that drive traffic and search engine rankings?

There are four of them.

First im going to talk about relevancy.

What that is,

how you can create it,

and how you can use it if you want relevant targeted traffic.

I’m going to cover popularity, especially link popularity and social buzz.

Then I’ll talk about original content,

the creation of it,

and why that’s important.

And lastly, I’m going to touch on what kinds of content creates traffic,

and how to drive all those Core concepts of marketing and to create the interest around those principles,

or the “BUZZ” as i like to call it.

The BUZZ that starts driving search engine rankings.


So, to begin, i need to go into what the heck these principles are, and i know what you’re thinking,

Brett, Skip the principles stuff, i just want to make money right??

But, you see, it’s important because, when you understand this, you’ll be able to create traffic out of thin air.

PLEASE NOTE: This is VERY important to understand,

You might just want to skip past this and head straight over to the strategies for the advanced marketers,

but if your not getting thousands of visitors a day to your sites,

and you’ve been in internet marketing for more than 6 months,

its because you don’t properly understand the Core concepts of marketing

that are driving search engine rankings very well,

or you would be getting tons of traffic to your sites!


So, before I break down the “Core concepts of marketing”,

let’s give you a little back ground on principles, so you can understand what i mean.


I started understanding principles when i played 1st team rugby back in high school.

We also used to get together on a field after hours and play against people in the neighborhood.

Well, there were all types of ages, from my classmates, all the way up to guys in their 40’s and 50’s.

Now, we were the young bucks! Fit, fast and strong, so obviously, we’d beat those old guys right?


To everyone’s surprise, we got creamed!!

And not just once, every time that i played with my team mates,

that were my age, against guys in their 40’s and 50’s,

we LOST.

And it was because the older guys knew the principles of playing good rugby.

They knew how to play defense well.

They didn’t try to run too fast or move around too much,

they didn’t care about being the one that gets the try, and takes the glory,

they would rather use good strong passing techniques to move the ball between them,

and they would play tried and trusted sequences that they all knew.

They simply used the principles that were proven successful in the game of rugby,

that had been taught through the years, and they won almost every time.

And so, when i played organized rugby at high school,

they had us doing drills over and over on rugby.



play sequences,


more defensive drills over and over and OVER.

This is because it’s the basic principles when mastered,

that lead to greatness with anything.

So after practicing those basic skills repeatedly, my game improved all the time and i kept getting better and better.

So, if you have not been getting the results that you have been looking for online,

maybe it’s because you don’t fully understand

the principles of the Core concepts of marketing,

that govern the world-wide web.

So let’s get right into it.


Core concepts of marketing  – Relevancy


First off we have relevancy.

Relevancy is quite an easy concept to understand,

and this is an example of what the search engines really want to have happen.

When you do a search for a word or phrase with any browser, a few details are displayed for you to see.

In this example I did a Google search for “content creation” and then I clicked and opened the top website.

Core concepts of marketing

Core concepts of marketing


Right on the top left of the page you see a TAB with a heading “Content creation, LLC: Writing….”

Then on the main Browser bar you see the same thing “”

Then you see in the Centre of the page, the big headline that says the same thing.

And below it is content that includes the same word grouping.

This is a good example of a page that’s “Relevant” to a specific topic.


You’ve probably also seen examples of it before where you do a search of a specific subject,

lets say “learn how to double your income this month

and you click on it and you see some ad or a web page,

which is totally unrelated to what you were searching for in the first place.

That’s obviously a page that’s NOT relevant, so the search engines will NOT rank this page well.

So relevancy is a simple concept and you need to make sure that your content

is on topic if you want relevant targeted traffic to your site.

So, to Re-cap:

Let’s just say that you are trying to rank in the search engines for “How to talk to your prospects

You would want to write an article specifically on the topic of what people are searching for

if you want that topic to rank in the search engines, for that particular phrase.


Another thing to remember is research for the concept behind what your main target is for.

So if your main target is toward network marketing,

then you would want to write content on what people in network marketing would be searching for.

You want to help them solve problems that are related to what they are doing.

So just make sure that your pages are honest, ethical and stay on topic

and you’re going to get better search engine rankings, just by doing that.

Core concepts of marketing  – Popularity


Next is popularity, and popularity works differently than it does in real life,

and it works almost hand in hand with relevancy.

Popularity is based on,

how many sites link to your site

and how popular, those sites are, that are linking to your site.

In other words, if you have a piece of content that is highly relevant to a topic,

but there are no other sites that are linking to it,

you’re not going to be driving search engine rankings for that site.

So Your not gonna tell everybody like you thought,

And nobody will find your page.

That’s where a lot of people spend time

and they don’t get any results

because they expect that people are just going to come and find them.

Nobody will ever find your site,

because you must have content on popular sites

that has information linking back to the content that’s on your blog.

Popularity is probably the most misunderstood of the Core concepts of marketing.

A problem that people have is they try to link a million different topics to a piece of content that they have on their website.

For example, I’m in network marketing and there are a lot of different companies out there

like Myvideotalk, Fortunedwb, Monetium………..theres a LOT of them!

Lets say that i write an article about Monetium,

and i write everything about Monetium, but then link it to a company, that’s not related.

It does not work!

So, you want highly relevant links, pointing to highly relevant information.

That’s what drives popularity online.

It’s a very simple concept. How many sites, link to your site?

How popular are the sites that link to your site? That’s it, OK?


So moving on from popularity, we get to

Unique content.


Core concepts of marketing  – Originality


You have to be original, if you want to stand out online.

There are millions of people online, selling all types of information and products.

Loads of different content with similar information.

But the search engines look at it and ask the question,

“Is this just the same information as what’s already out there?”

What you don’t want to do is submit the same piece of content,

like an article you wrote, to a hundred different directories.

If it’s the same piece of content, it’s not going to rank very high in the search engines.


In the course of these modules, I’m going to show you how to “spin it”

so that every piece of content that goes out, looks like it’s an original piece of content

and it gets ranked as its own content.

So basically, the wording will be different on one page as it is on another page on search engines.

Originality is my favourite of the Core concepts of marketing,

because it allows you to stretch your imagination and really get creative and have fun with it!



QUESTION: where are people going to go wrong with this strategy?

Well they are going to come up with some original content, put it on their website,

and they are going to expect people to just find it!!

Well, nobody will find it if that’s ALL you do!

The next thing they will do, is make a really great relevant site

that is so helpful to people who find it in that particular Niche,

and then they are going to put some content out, to a few sites,

and then they are going to just stop.

And they will get beaten out by all of their competitors.


Core concepts of marketing  – Consistency


What sets you apart from the competition is how consistent you are.

In other words, will you continue with the strategy?

Not just in the coming days, but in the next months or years, will you be consistent with it?

Whether it’s every day or once, twice or 5 times a week.

Are you going to do it consistently on an ongoing basis?

The consistency concept is probably the most important of the core concepts of marketing and ties them all together.



So How do we rank the content on certain pages on specific search engines?

This is the Core concepts of marketing formula for creating the coolest content online

that generates massive buzz and massive traffic to your sites online.


It is Originality plus Relevant Content plus Link Popularity plus Consistency equals BUZZ.

That’s it right there, in a nutshell!

This should help you solve some challenges right from the start!


If you read, learn  AND Consistently implement these

Core concepts of marketing,

you are a very short time from getting large amounts of traffic to your site.


The next part of this Abundance and freedom mastery series covers

WEB CONTENT GUIDELINES. Go check it out now!


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To your Success!


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