Define Syndication

Define Syndication

Define Syndication.

The definition of Syndication is to publish (material) through a syndicate. And Syndicate means to promote some common interest.  Association supplying material simultaneously to a number of periodicals.


Today’s define Syndication post makes up Stage Ten of the Abundance and Freedom Mastery series, and is a continuation of stage 9. If you missed Stage 9, Definition of syndication, Go here.

In Stage 9 I showed you some ways to syndicate content via social networks.

In stage 10 Im going to show you how to Speed up the process, Automate it, and how to get your Content syndicated for you by masses of people.

Sound GOOD?

Read on!

BEWARE: This Post is long and JAM PACKED with FREE goodies that WILL MAKE YOU MONEY (if you pay attention, and take action)

Define Syndication – Speed up the process and display more.

Here’s some sites and techniques that make Syndication quicker and easier and get your content out to more places.

 NOTE: Click the links OR banners to go straight to the relevant sites and check them out!


Here’s a real Gem!  is a website that you can set up to automatically post a message

to over 50 Social book marking sites anytime that you do submissions of content or blog posts.

You can set this up via the Onlywire Plugin for wordpress.

Use  to share your content on over 30 social networks with 1 click (free) Copy and paste your blog post into the IBO Press Release tool and then submit blog link on the wall. IBO will get you great SEO exposure! is another popular avenue to get your content seen by like minded groups and individuals. Sign up free and participate.


AND also 



Heres some for Video syndication and (free)

Backlinks 25 backlinks per post url.

1 post url per day allowed. Can be done manually online, OR download the firefox plugin and submit all 25 instantly.

NB: You Must Download firefox browser on your PC to do this. gives you 30 FREE backlinks to niche specific blogs.

Add ALL blogposts there. NB Make sure that its original content or they wont publish you. You can get 400-500 backlinks if you are willing to pay


Boost your WHOLE social media presence FREE by using

See my Empire Avenue blog post.


Define Syndication – Paid back linking techniques

$10 program

MORE expensive but more effective options  $60 or $200 per month  $37 per month

TEAM SYNDICATION  use this site to syndicate blog RSS feeds to facebook, twitter and linked in.

You can syndicate your team mates blog posts too! We all get leads from everyones activity.

IE Name it: YOURNAME’s blog. Enter RSS URL: Should look like this

NB click on advanced settings. Set it to check for new posts only every 24hrs(so you dont double submit and get banned)

In step 2 create services (twitter, facebook and linked in may need to be authorised)

Now everyday this site will autosubmit your post feed to these 3 sites giving you strong backlinks. and , work in the same way!



They all do pretty much the same, you put in one link and it updates every time you post content.


You can take everybody in your teams blog feeds and include them in yahoo pipes, then turn that into one RSS feed that you submit to the syndication sites mentioned above, then everyone submits everyone elses content the same way.You can also do this through Tribepro.

 See below

And Now, If I could Define Syndication in ONE word, It would be TRIBEPRO.

GET FREE residual traffic by leveraging TRIBE PRO and linking stuff together via “Mini-webs”.

Get multiple pieces of content and keywords to rank on Google by having Tribe’s of people syndicate your content to ALL of the Social networks FOR YOU!


Once you have created your content and generated your keywords.

IE your seed content is a Facebook marketing article.

Put your article URL through tribe pro by simply filling in a few boxes. It is then syndicated to other peoples Digg, delicious, face book, twitter, reddit accounts etc.

NOTE: I currently get an average of 2000 syndications every time I Publish content.

That’s 2000 PER URL submitted.

Also NOTE: I have 2 similar posts above. These are separate syndications (from different Social sites) both giving over 2000 back links to the same piece of content.

This gives your content authority on these social network sites.

The next thing to do is make another peice of content such as a youtube video.

Now link your you tube video to your article.

Put this through tribe pro. It will then also go out to all of those places.

Your you tube video is also getting authority.

This gives them both more authority and pushes them up higher in the search engines.

This really does define syndication via Tribepro.

The next thing that you do is repeat the process. Create another youtube video, put it through tribe pro and link it to your article.

You can do this again with an article pointing to your article.

Now do the same with a page pointing to your article.

Now you could point a lens pointing to your article.

You can also take links from any of your syndication submissions in the list above and put them through tribepro.

They will all push your google ranking up higher. Just make sure that you put them all through tribe pro for linking to your article.

If you do this stuff consistently on a regular basis YOU WILL GET LEADS AND SIGN UPS AND MAKE SERIOUS MONEY ONLINE.


In a separate BONUS POST I will show you techniques that you can use for


Well I hope I have done my job and managed to define syndication via the various avenues for you.

There are MANY many more ways to syndicate content out there!

This wraps up my Abundance and Freedom Mastery Series, but keep your eye on my

blog for more Nuggets to come. Or you can Subscribe to my blog (click subscribe button top right) to receive updates.

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To your Success!



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