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Dragon House Dance Crew the Best. Or is it Illusion of choice
Dragon house crew

Dragon House Dance Crew the Best. Or is it Illusion of choice

Today, I just had to share a concept video from Dragon house Dance Crew.


Dragon House Dance Crew

Dragon House Dance Crew

Dragon House are an Atlanta-based dance group that express some amazing dance moves that are truly captivating.


Dragon house crew

Dragon house crew

The Dragon House dance crew, Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer, Andre Rucker and Boris Penton and Kidd Da Rippa showed their talents in Las Vegas for the callback round of So You Think You Can Dance and have been sought after ever since.

Although they have a similar style, Dubstep, each of the memebers of the dragon house dance crew present a different personality than one another, which makes them unique as a group and stand out.


By their own word, Dragon House dance Crew is a group of dancers/roommates who love to dance.

The Dragon House Dance Crew goal is:

To not only grow together as a dance family, but to serve and inspire the world with our creative talents …”

My Daughter introduced me to Dubstep (and she can dance quite well herself) then she sent me a link to this video clip ILLUSION OF CHOICE that features a killer track by Gramatix.

(don’t you just dig the well placed Scream?)

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was completely blown away and it gave me goose bumps. The raw talent is clear, but it’s the way that they put it all together that really impressed me.

And judging by the popularity of the video on youtube, there are many that share my sentiment about the Dragon House Dance Crew!

Almost 700,000 actually.

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