Enjo Review, not as clean as you might think!

Enjo Review – There have been lots of reviews written about Enjo, and the majority of them mention the MLM program as a unique business opportunity. If you want to learn more about the company, the products and the compensation plan, you need to read the facts in my independent Enjo Review to make an informed decision.

enjo review

enjo review

There’s lots of information on the internet about the program from the customer or representative’s perspective. But to get a clear picture about what this company has to offer, you will need to read an Enjo Review from someone who did not join.


Enjo Review – Company and History


The ENJO success story starts in spring 1985: Friedrich Engl, a pragmatic, innovative entrepreneur, by chance observes an oil accident on the Lake of Constance…

This enjo review has determined that enjo product development began in 1990 in Austria. It began with one unique fiber and through advanced research and development ENJO has created an innovative cleaning system using only water. ENJO is all about cleaning without chemicals.

Encouraged by the first selling record of the ENJO fibers, Friedrich’s son, Johannes Engl, founded the ENJO manufacturing company in 1991. ENJO gets new slogan “Clean the world“in 1998.

2001 Enjo Australia booms and exceeds the border of 1,000 Consultants.

2002 A new, modern and larger production plant is necessary because of the world’s increasing demand for ENJO products.

2003 Enjo goes USA and opens in Northridge California. And, as this Enjo Review will show, the rest is history.


Enjo Review – Leadership


The ENJO way has spread quickly as people world-wide search for a better, Eco friendly, more effective and efficient way to clean, while enjoying the benefits of a chemical free system. ENJO is now being sold in more than 26 countries via direct sales with thousands of Independent ENJO Consultants worldwide. Each country has its own leadership to assist its consultants with issues that are related to their demographic area, all while being supported by head office. It is the opinion of this enjo review that this is a very well structured and coordinated expansion..

Enjo Review – Products


ENJO say that they offer ingenious, environmentally friendly products that facilitate life, promote health and well-being and save time and money. In short, their products are ENJO fiber products and cloths which clean with water only and eliminate the need for up to ninety percent of potentially harmful chemical cleaners in the home. They also have domestic cleaning products for kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and even outdoor cleaning products and equipment like car care. Their environmentally friendly solvent leaves no bacteria harboring water or residues behind. The enjo fiber cloths are revolutionary and are a major seller for the company. In an effort to give you an informed enjo review I did a bit more research on the products and found that the microfiber technology is 100 times finer than a human hair and each one of the fibers can hold up to seven times their own weight in water.

All of the products are sold exclusively through Enjo’s network of Consultants.

Enjo Review – Business and Compensation plan


ENJO is a direct selling company that offers customers an alternative to cleaning with chemicals, through in home demonstrations. Enjo also has what they call a host Gift Programme, which is paid for 100% by the company and encourages its distributors to host demo parties as they say “Seeing how you can clean without chemicals is believing”. A demo should not last much more than 1 hour. I can’t see details of a comp plan for this Enjo review but by hosting demo’s distributors get savings, and sometimes freebies and can earn product sales commission of 20-36%. There are also bonuses and ENJO Consultant rewards. NO minimum sales quotas or targets are required. If you can have people watch the demonstration and give away promotional packs, the Enjo Review and sales materials will sell the product. It’s the opinion of this enjo review that you should not need to use hard selling techniques. You can use demo’s, product dvd’s, online customer testimonials about the wash cloths, mops and other products, and these Enjo Reviews usually help you persuade customers of the value.


So should you join enjo and become a consultant?


Well, Enjo has a transparent and clear track record, top quality products, widespread global leadership and a strong emphasis on training. However, this Enjo review would not be complete if I did not tell you some things that you might need to take note of if you are considering joining.

You can only become an Enjo consultant by contacting an existing Enjo consultant in your area and first becoming a customer.

One of the main things that I wanted to point out in this Enjo review is that, as a Consultant you are NOT allowed to sell ENJO products on-line or via auction sites such as E-Bay and ALL advertisements need to be approved by Head Office prior to posting. This may pose as a problem for a lot of people, as they will not know how to get their business seen by enough people.

If you are seriously considering joining Enjo for an additional stream of income, it’s essential that you learn how to reach people outside your friends, family and close acquaintances.

To do this you must learn how to market in a way that attracts people to you rather than you going to the people, and there are ways of doing this without breaching the rules set by the company. Possessing a working knowledge of personal branding and lead generation will improve your chances for success with Enjo by attracting people to you with credit card in hand wanting to join you in business.

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