JGO Review. Does it Stand for what it stands for?

JGO review – Company and leadership

JGO fromAikenSC, markets a line of nutritionals.

JGO is an acronym that represents their philosophy of success, Journey, Growth, and Opportunity



Founded by Shawn Wheeland, and his ‘Master Mind’ team, Craig Cook and Maria Kim.

The JGO corporate site states that “JGO, inc will be the hottest company in Network Marketing in one year”.

Well this company is relatively new, so this remains to be seen. However, they have made quite a stir already.

Shawn Wheeland has over twenty-one years of Direct Sales and MLM experience and his marketing philosophy and systems are duplicable. They have been used by top achievers throughout the world and JGO claim they can be used by anyone to achieve success at any level.


JGO Products

JGO researches, develops, produces, and ships extremely unique and effective products for you to enjoy, and so your business can continually grow. Or so they claim!

I can not find any information about their products on the site. JGO claim that they will remain in the front of the all-natural solutions to total health, aging and obesity, products that remain in the highest demand to the largest groups of people worldwide. And it appears that they will custom make products to suit the needs of your team or your customer base. The only way to really find out about their products would be to get information from one of their representatives, or contact them via the site.

But in my opinion, this could pose a problem if you were to join as a representative, as you might find it hard to convince people about the company and products, if there is no forthright information to back it up, freely available.


JGO Compensation plan

Through training calls, conferences and training material JGO say they will assist you to become successful as what they term a “homepreneur”

JGO say that their system is so that anyone with the desire to build a business can be extremely successful.

JGO provides SUPPORT and COACHING through conference calls, and National Conferences, so you stay plugged into the training and corporate developments!

While I can not find details of a compensation plan as such on the site, JGO claim to have a team of programmers DEDICATED to building niche markets, 100% customized systems for your team. JGO has created an environment where your team’s INNOVATION can blossom. By providing you the tools and staff necessary to build a system unique to your experiences your team will flourish and you can supposedly create your own pay check.

Is JGO, inc A Good Opportunity?

Well, this will rely on your own ability to identify the problems that your JGO products can solve. The products are said to tackle the signs of aging, obesity and retain good health, so you need to find people who are looking for these solutions and make them trust you enough to join you or purchase from you.

Whatever the products help to achieve, then you would need to find people who are online searching for products with those particular results and set yourself up as an authority figure on that subject.


Your main objectives are to identify a target market for the products that you are offering, and to build up a level of trust with them. If you are capable of doing this, then you can make a success of JGO.


In closing, JGO looks like a good company. While it is still too young to tell whether or not they will be a player in the industry, it may be a good opportunity if you’re into joining start-up companies. One thing you need to understand if you decide to become a distributor, is that you will need to know how to market and generate targeted leads, if you want to stack the deck in your favor. Without marketing techniques, you will have a hard time sponsoring new people into your business. My advice is to leverage Attraction Marketing and effective offline techniques to build your JGO business.


Interested In Generating Leads For Your JGO Business?

Success with your business requires a working knowledge of personal branding and lead generation. Learn to build your JGO network marketing down line by being an Alpha Networker both offline and online.

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Here’s to YOUR success.

Brett Jackson – Online marketing mentor.

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  1. JGO Busines is a Great business for ALL my friends and most of my family! Some can not see the greatness of this Dynamic company, BUT ALL will know what I Know by the end of 2012!

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