Keyword estimator for maximum SEO exposure
Keyword estimator

Keyword estimator for maximum SEO exposure

KEYWORD estimator tool and keyword analyser techniques

for maximising your exposure and getting you a higher ranking on the search engines.

keyword estimator

Keyword estimator

On this post we are going to cover stage seven of the

Abundance and Freedom mastery series, the keyword estimator

and talk about some of the secret strategies that have allowed me

to surpass other blogs that completely outranked mine in a lot of different keywords.

Probably the best way to start doing this is to do some reviews on companies. As I showed you how in my MLM watchdog post.

Company name and keyword rankings


Your blog is a centralized location for all of the content that you have.

So you must put ALL your created content onto your blog.

Articles, Pictures,You tube video’s, audios, etc.


This is my basic keyword estimator technique that WORKS!

  • Define keyword or keyword phrase.
  • Make sure there are enough people searching for what you are writing about.
  • There are a bunch of paid keyword estimator programs to help you do this, and I will go into these in later training’s, but there is a FREE keyword estimator tool that is just as effective that I use ALL the time.
  • Use Google Adwords external keyword research tool.

You can go straight to the page and use it or if you don’t want to keep

filling in the Captcha with your searches, then I suggest getting a FREE adwords account.

Now login and carry out your keyword estimator research as follows:

You are looking for Keywords that get a ton of traffic, but dont have much competition.

  1. Type in your company name keyword or phrase that you want to check.
  2. Check the box “only show ideas closely related to my search terms”
  3. Under “match types” on left hand side.
  4. de-select “broad” and select “phrase”
  5. click search.

Now you will have a list of terms related to your keyword.

Then columns for competition, global monthly searches and local monthly searches.


keyword estimator – What numbers to look for.


You are ideally looking for 1000 local monthly searches plus.


Don’t write articles on keywords that show up

with less than 1000 results in your local monthly searches.

1000 to 1600 is about right


Click on advanced options, for a box to appear with options.

Choose your local market from the drop down.

I live in South Africa, so that’s what I’ll choose if I’m promoting

a local product, business or website.

But if you are marketing online in general, you might want to check “all countries”

Select your language.

I just leave it on desktop and laptop devices,

as I don’t use mobile phones or anything.

Now narrow down your keyword estimator search with a filter of the keyword.

This just pulls out local monthly searches, greater than or equal to a certain number:

Type in 1000.

Because we only want to see keyword estimator results for keywords that have had

more than 1000 local searches.

Now the original keyword you chose only has a few results showing

that qualify with over 1000 local searches.


Keyword Estimator – What to do next


So now you choose the best option out of what’s there in the

refined keyword estimator results.

Either the one with the most views

or the one that has is most relevant  to the subject matter,

and you can research and write an article about it.


But let’s take the keyword estimator one step further!

You can also click on the search term that you have chosen

and it will take you to the Google search page which will show you,

about how many websites have that term in them.

This is something that you need to take into account too!


If it’s something that has 20 million or so searches,

this is way too big for what you are looking for.

The chance of a new person coming online and getting ranked for something like that is slim. There are different strategies that i’ll get into in further trainings,

but there are some parameters surrounding it and i’ll go through that for you.

But essentially, what you are looking for is to get

more than a 1000 local searches on the one side,

and fewer than 1 million results on the Google search results page.

Half a million is even better.

This will make it easier for you to rank for that keyword.

This example is just to show you the principle of what i do.

As you do more searches, you will get the hang of what works

and what doesn’t with the keyword estimator process.


Keyword Estimator – What are Short and Long tail keywords?


There’s also something called short tail keywords and long tail keywords.

Short tail keywords are usually one word.

Long tail keywords are typically 2 or more words that make up a phrase.

These are usually more targeted and much more worth your while to work with.

Much better!!

Make your company name a long tail keyword by adding the word review.


If you are aiming for a specific keyword or phrase

or a particular topic or word grouping and you can not find one that has

under 1 million search results, there is something else that you can do

to check if you will be able to rank for this keyword.

Keyword Estimator TIP

You still need to have over 1000 local monthly searches on the one side,

but if you click on the keyword and go to the Google search page

and you put your search term in “quotes”

it will identify sites where that exact match term can be found

and give you a more accurate reading.

Here you are looking for lower numbers.

You can work with results under 60,000 but under 30’000 is ideal here.



Now Type inurl: in front of your keyword in inverted commas

IE inurl”yourkeyword” to search for only url’s that have

that particular keyword housed in the URL.

This helps if you are doing articles on companies for instance

and your url will include “companyname-review”

This Could be your keyword too!



Go back to google external tool,

and on the page where you found your ideal keyword,

are more high ranking keywords.

Choose 5 or 6 different keywords plus your name (to get social presence)

and the name of your primary program

IE “Lia Sophia”, “Lia Sophia jewelry”, “Lia Sophia scam”, “Lia Sophia catalog”, “Lia Sophia 2011 catalog”, “brett jackson”, “primary program”

Open up a notepad file and save your keywords.

These names are from network marketing companies.

However, network marketing was used for example purposes only.

You can research and write about ANYTHING on your blog

and use the content in the exact same way

to gain traffic, leads and sales.

You can do exactly the same process with any other subject

IE food , jewellery, pottery, automotive, culinary, design, art. You name it.

These tips will all help you USE the keyword estimator

to get your keywords ranked on the first page of google.

There is a simple formula that you can use to estimate the amount of traffic that you can expect from keywords with a certain amount of monthly searches, IE 1000.

NOTE: Its estimated that the #1 position on google captures

42% of the search traffic for that specific keyword.

Therefore:- FORMULA =

Local monthly searches / 30 days in a month

[1000/30=33.3]= Daily search traffic = 33.3

Daily search traffic x .42

[33.3 x.42=13.986] (14 hits per day) = estimated daily traffic for the number 1 position.


Keyword Estimator – What to do with the results.


The biggest thing is action.

Use the keyword estimator and Start writing an article a day on your blog

for 100 days and get it out there

and you will be blown away by the traffic that you get from this.

And I will show you how to do the rest on MY BLOG.

The next stage of this abundance and freedom mastery series

will discuss how to take the your results from the keyword estimator

and use these keywords in your blog post.

And we will cover on page SEO techniques for optimal search engine rankings.


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To your Success!


About Brett Jackson

What ever network marketing technique you care to mention, I have tried it!! And, in the beginning anyway, failed miserably :-( I knew that it was the industry for me the moment I saw it. But somehow, no matter what I tried, I could not get my business off the ground. And it was not through a lack of effort or trying. To cut a LOOONG story short, I know now what I was doing wrong. And more to the point, I know what are the right things to do, and its really quite simple when you know how. I also know that there is a very large percentage of marketers out there who are right where I was, banging their head against the wall! All they need to succeed, is the information I have. Through this Blog I aim to supply that information to as many people as I can, to help them out of that hole and set them on the road to success. And all for your favourite four letter word. That's right. FREE. I hope I can help you too!!


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