Monitium – Pioneer or pie in the face? An honest, expert, 3rd party review.

Monitium Review: All that You Should Know

If you are looking for a third-party review on Monitium, you landed on the right page. Firstly, I’d like to make it clear that I’m not affiliated with Monitium in any way. With that said, you’re probably reading this article because you’re either thinking about joining Monitium or you’ve already joined and you just seek some validation for your decision. My aim with this article is to provide you with enough information about monitium to help you make a wise choice for yourself, so you can decide whether to join or not.

MonitiumIn an industry where reps of a company build down lines of team members to be compensated for doing so, and the team members in turn, follow suit. Its imperative that the company that they join be financially stable and have a long-term business plan that is attainable AND more importantly, sustainable. Otherwise, the reps are putting all of their eggs in one basket, only to have the baskets taken away should the company fail. This is a risky position to be in. And as much as any company may claim to have transparency to its members, most will negate to “inform” their members of financial or internal political complications before it’s too late. And no amount of due diligence by the rep will pick this scenario out if the company is not forthcoming with information.

To add to the reps woes, there is the ever-present risk of attrition, which is defined as a reduction or decrease in members, customers or clients. This usually occurs when people in your down line cancel their membership because “they are not making sales, or the money that they thought they should” or they simply move away to the “next best thing” on the net”

There is a new emerging company though, Called Monitium, that claims that they have a solution for these situations.

Monitium Review: What Is Monitium?

Monitium themselves, say that they are starting the trend for how network marketing will be changed forever, with the latest innovation in multi-level marketing (MLM). They are not an MLM company themselves, but Monitium is a business platform where existing network marketers can join and be able to safeguard the team they build and allow them and their team to join multiple opportunities within the Monitium system.

According to Monitium, the secret is not to rely on one MLM business, which can be an unstable partner, for your income source. But rather to have multiple MLM company systems and products working for you. Ok, so how do you know that you are not joining multiple duds?

Monitium Review: The Leadership

Monitium states that their team of experts negotiate with every progressive MLM company on behalf of their associates while also protecting the financial assets of professionals in the industry. They say that Monitium has been developed by top-earning networking gurus and industry leaders including the founder, Ken Egglestone, with a combined 300 years of MLM experience. So the company is built on a strong foundation of leadership. These experts do the due diligence on your behalf and then only partner with companies that meet strict criteria. Monitium states they thoroughly research the MLM’s with whom they choose to promote. This is what Monitium term as their “wealth building system”. Every transaction, and communication is handled through the Monitium portal.

The First Companies They Have Partnered With Include: Wow Green cleaning products, Sozolife coffee, ExFuze energy drinks, and Smart Media Technologies.You might think Ok, so now I have to pay to join 4 or more companies? Not exactly!

Monitium Review: The Advantages

Each of these companies is in the category of transfer spending. Transfer spending is defined by taking money that you already are spending and buying it from the direct sales method instead of from any store. Based on negotiations that Monitium has been able to have with each partner mlm company, product pricing is better than if you tried to buy these products without your Monitium membership. They will help anyone worldwide that chooses to take advantage of this opportunity to make money while they save money. Reps can join none or all of the programs, its their choice.

The key difference, Monitium says, that makes them unique, lies in first building a team without the worry of attrition. The strive to provide an alternative to the attrition issues of cross-sponsoring, as individuals who team up with an MLM company do not own into that company, only the list of prospects they bring to the table.

By building a reliable team first, then introducing them to one of the many MLMs that associate with Monitium, they believe success is more attainable, and you increase your chances of financial gains.


Monitium Review: Compensation Plan

The compensation that Monitium has developed allows for the total team to be placed into the 3 most widely used compensation structures. Without joining, there’s not a lot of available information on the monitium compensation plan I can give you. Monitium do speak of luxury rewards such as homes, cars and watches upon meeting qualifications.

The theory is, with access to earnings from multiple avenues under the Monitium umbrella, is you could make 3 times as much money as you could make outside of Monitium. This is of course if your team follows you in multiple opportunities at the same time and all on a monthly autoship with those companies

As a promotion point, the Monitium “Four and it is Free” program gives someone an opportunity to just have four other people use the same membership platform and the same products and the membership and the products are free. Each mlm company has a slightly different way of working with the Monitium “Four and it is Free” program but based on the power of exponential numbers Monitium has created the ability for any household to get products for free and to replace or add to a current income.

Monitium say that they are not just another MLM company. They provide structured guidance for networkers, from one entrepreneur, to companies with thousands of employees. They Launched their Internet Marketing Online University in January 2011, which consists of training videos for online marketing. Amongst the Monitium online university, you will find subjects such as: Content Domination, Article Marketing Training, Banner Ad Training, Blogs, Forum Marketing, Keyword Research, Linking Strategy, Personal Branding, Press release Training, Video Marketing, Buying Traffic, and Ezines and Newsletters.

An interesting aspect is that these training videos are available without any up sell and for anyone that is currently in network marketing, to help you learn more about marketing online. The first subjects launched in the Monitium university were “Marketing With a Budget” and “Marketing Without a Budget”.

If you do not have a primary program of your own, then Monitium provides you the opportunity to build one through their system.

You can test out the Monitium University for a full 30 days for free based on the Monitium Free Trial special they are currently running. After which the cost will be $49 per month to stay with the system.

There is quite an interest in Monitium at the moment with the company showing high search numbers depicting a strong public interest. Is this merely curiosity, or are people convinced that Monitium is the way of the future of network marketing as they claim? The latter still remains to be seen.

In my opinion, anyone that does not do some due diligence of their own before joining a company needs their head read, but it would however be comforting to know that a team of Monitium experts have done the ground work for you and, not only endorse the company and products with their name and reputation, but continue to liaise with the leadership of that company, monitor the status and feed back to members. So no chance of you being taken by surprise.

And if one company does fail, you still have your team intact and 3 companies, with more being added by Monitium on an ongoing basis.


Good Concept, Strong Leaders, Unique Concept — BUT…

Monitium’s concept is revolutionary and has been created out of a need, by strong leaders. Their website is well put together and their university and training are impressive. However, as a leader and a mentor in this industry, it’s my duty to point out a few obscure things you may not have observed.

Right now, there are four companies participating within the Monitium platform, and there are supposedly many more “knocking at the door” to operate under the Monitium umbrella. An initial concern that springs to mind is that the companies that wish to join Monitium may be doing so for reasons other than whats in the interest of the members. They may not be able to make it on their own, and may be “hanging on their shirt tails” so to speak. And so your choice, after joining, may be limited to a few second-rate companies. You will more than likely not be able to join some of the better, more established, fast growing companies, as they may see no need to partner with Monitium. However, the good side of this is that you could have a lot to choose from.

The most crucial thing that I want to express here, that a newbie to the industry may not realize, is that by joining Monitium you’re not changing your situation. What I mean by this is, When you join a mlm company, you own absolutely nothing.

All that you actually own is your personal list of people. Your list and your relationship with your list, is the single biggest asset you will ever have. If you promote a company to your list and they join, that mlm company owns your list.

So to put this in another way, Monitium has been created by some of the top leaders in this industry. These are people who completely understand this industry and how it works. If you decide to join and start building an organization, you are simply handing over your biggest asset (your list) to some of the best marketers in the world.

This is why I recommend learning how to market and brand yourself, not your company. That way when people join, they join YOU not your company, thus giving you complete control over how you operate your business and allow you to take over any mlm company you are with.

Should you join Monitium? That of course is up to you. Either way, to attain success in the twenty-first century you must know how to market. To learn how to build your own list of high quality prospects, brand yourself, and secure your future in any company you join, even Monitium, CLICK HERE right now for a FREE training.


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Here’s to YOUR success.

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