My story

My name is Brett Jackson and I am an attraction marketing coach in the Online marketing industry.

BrettQ1croppedI was born in Bexley heath, just outside of london, and grew up all over the South east of England.

My mother married a South African in the UK, who soon got a job in his home country, so before long, circumstances had me moving to Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where i continued my schooling.

A major difference in landscape, climate and living standards. 3rd world country systems, 13 national languages and a completely different cultural and class set up altered my outlook on life and the way i perceive things and people in general.

But all in all i learned that, deep down, people are the same, with the same basic needs. We all need Love, Food and Shelter. And in varying degree’s, money plays a role in everyone’s life and is necessary to fulfill those basic needs. At the other end of the scale, some people think that they need lots of money in order to be happy.

But whichever end of the scale you find yourself at, everyone needs to know how to generate income to support their particular criteria. My mission in life is to make available the knowledge and the tools to enable them to easily and consistently generate earnings to fulfill their personal needs. Whatever they may be.

This is all possible through Attraction marketing.

I haven’t always been an attraction marketing coach, but i have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Even when I was a kid i had my own business at 14 years old. Brett’s better bikes. I would carry out basic mechanical services on local companies delivery motorcycles, when i wasn’t fixing my own dirt bike, which i would use to get to their premises using rural gravel roads.

However, after high school I ended up conforming with the masses and went to a Technical college in Port Elizabeth and got Qualifications in Mechanical Engineering. Then out in to the work force so I could be at the mercy of the company I worked for :-(.

But although i was in an industry producing exotic sports cars for export all over the globe, I didn’t really make the kind of money I wanted to, and i was doing what i had a natural flare for, rather than what i really wanted to be doing. I have always been fit and involved in numerous types of sport, So I decided to start learning fitness and nutrition. Well to make a long story short, i studied fitness and nutrition and qualified as a personal trainer ……that didn’t pan out either but it did lead me into network marketing. You see I started to sell health supplements to make some extra money and one of my clients happened to be a 6-figure per month earner in network marketing, he signed me up in his primary opportunity. I got started in that company and within my first 3 months sponsored 16 people (mostly my warm market). I continued with that company part-time, all the while working at my JOB during the day for years. I never really got to the stage where i could leave my job and carried on doing what i was doing with network marketing, wondering why i could not get over that hill, even though others around me were earning HUGE incomes. I eventually decided to ask the 6 figure earner directly how he was doing it.

That’s when i was introduced to attraction Marketing.

I decided to take the skills I had learned and build an Online business using Attraction Marketing principles that I had learned from industry Gurus that i worked with.

I soon came to realize that

these principles can be used to market ANYTHING online,

and i mastered the art in MANY different Niches, with varying levels of success.

I kept at it though, until i had consistent results in each discipline that i learned.

I Want to Help You Learn the Concepts of Online Marketing

But without you having to go through the extensive learning curve.

My passion is to help entrepreneurs in ANY NICHE to build their business in a way that is attractive, fun and empowering.

Teaching someone the skills that they need to dominate Online and FINALLY break through to the success that they’re striving for and the success that they deserve.

In this blog, I hope to empower you to reach the levels of success with your business, product or service

and change the course of history being made in your own life.

I have learned a whole LOT since i started online, but there are Core principles that still hold true in whatever i do.

These days, i teach others how to use these principles, and even more advanced techniques,

to gain online success.

I give away these tips FREE via a full training on this BLOG.

I show you my personal 10 step success system.


you can access it FREE below.making-money-online

And as a thank you, i will give you a FREE

Make money Online Easily E-book.



To your success,

Brett Jackson
Attraction Marketing Mentor

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