Worlds Tallest Buildings are about to be exceeded. Chinese to build worlds tallest in Just 90 Days.

The new worlds tallest buildings name is Sky City, and its engineers say it will be the tallest skyscraper in the world by the end of March of 2013.

Worlds tallest buildings

Worlds tallest buildings

2,749 feet (838 meters) and 220 floors will go up like a rocket in Changsha city, close to the Xiangjiang river.

The worlds tallest buildings all took a long time to build, and this one will go up All with in just 90 days.

Yep! You heard right, Ninety days!

I Jest Not.

The construction company insists that the skyscraper will be constructed in just 90 days at the amazing rate of five floors per day.

If the Chinese authorities give thumbs up to the project, the foundation work will begin at the end of December.

Made possible by Pre-fabrication techniques.

They will be able to achieve this ridiculously fast construction rate by using a prefabricated modular technology.

And complete one of the worlds tallest buildings in just 90 days.

That seems just absurd.


Record numbers

Unlike the Burj Khalifa, the worlds tallest buildings currently, the tower will be mostly habitable. Its final height will be 2,749 feet high (838 meters). 9M taller than the Burj at 2,719 feet (829 meters), This includes the spire at the top above 163 floors.

This building will use a fantastical 220,000 tons of steel, and be able to house 31,400 people. 83-percent of the building will be residential, and the rest will be offices, schools, hospitals, shops and restaurants.104 high speed elevators will transport people between floors.

That’s not All. Apart from chopping the original estimated construction time of one of the worlds tallest buildings from 210 days down to 90 days, other record figures include:

  • Building cost will be $1,500 per square meter, way more cost effective than Burj’s $15,000 per square meter. This is due to the prefab technology.
  • Able to sustain earthquakes of a 9.0 magnitude on the Richter Scale.
  •  Resistant to fire for “up to three hours,”
  • Extremely energy efficient resulting from clever thermal insulation, different air conditioning techniques four-panned windows


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