Online Video Marketing – You already know everything…..right?

Online video marketing can be used to get your information across in SO many ways, its scary. Especially if you are an online marketer!

Online video marketing techniques, to get your video spread far and wide and create a viral presence for yourself include, but are not limited to:

Video email newsletters, video’s on your blog and via articles that you submit via social bookmarking sites, and article directories, social networks such as facebook, twitter, myspace, linked in. Pointing a video back to your article will give your article and its content a strong backlink, as you tube is an authority site, and in turn, better SEO to bring more visitors.

Online video marketingYou can utilise online video marketing techniques on other video broadcasting sites. YES! You tube is NOT the only one!! There are plenty. You can even blast your video content out to 40 + sites with the use of simple software, the likes of Traffic geyser.

Let’s not forgetMobile. Statistics show that at least one-eighth of your video views are coming from mobile users. That’s a pretty good portion and shows the ever-increasing interest in mobile video viewing.

And you can create links between all of these mediums.

You can also use video as a way to ask questions to your audience OR GIVE answers to questions that your group may have.

Video is the most effective medium for teaching people how to do something. It’s also the best means of helping them to retain that knowledge.

This is especially effective with the use of a video series. This allows you to string a group of training video’s together for a particular subject.

You can now use Google Hangouts to do this via YouTube. The video platform has just added a new sharing option below every video player on the site that allows viewers to start a Google Hangout session centred around that particular video series. This means that you and your team–up to 10 of them–can watch and comment on it together in real time.

A cool online video marketing technique is taking advantage of the fact that It is now very simple to create closed captions for YouTube videos using a raw text transcript file. This can be used to show simple statements or words that you want to highlight, URL’s or call to action. Subtitles for viewers with hearing disabilities and even those that just cant have audio on (for example – at work). Or even in another language. With online text translation and freelance work sites where you can hire translators to verbalise your written content, you can truly go global with your online video marketing.

To simplify your job, if you already have a script that you used to put your video together , you can simply upload the script to YouTube and have them automatically create closed captions for your online video marketing or training video. Its fast and easy!

YouTube also offers a  Clickable Call To Action (CTA) taking online video marketing to the next level as marketers can now drive traffic from their video to the external URL of their choice for as low as a $5 set-up. This is a semi-transparent 15 second ad that appears on the lower third of your video and creates a STRONG call to action for your brand or opportunity.

If you don’t want to be quite so bold, then maybe annotations are more your style. Annotations open up a world of interactivity, marketing, and encouragement that your online video marketing videos wouldn’t be able to achieve without them. You can choose from five different types of annotations: a Speech bubble, a Note, a Spotlight, a Title (No background, just text) or a Pause (a “note” annotation that also pauses the video)

You can use Annotations to link to another YouTube video (maybe a series) and start at any point of the video.

Annotations also have properties that can be edited and, if clicked upon can lead a viewer to: any you tube video, channel, playlist, a “subscribe” button, a you tube search query, a new message for composition, a place to post a response, a call for viewer action, a you tube search query or each annotation can be used in a variety of ways to accomplish different goals.

Annotations are all customizable allowing you to change the position within the video, the text that is displayed, the color of the text, and the color of the background and the duration (in and out points).

All of the above are excellent online video marketing tools  that present an opportunity for marketers to get very creative with where, and how, they guide their viewers.

These all help to increase your visibility as a leader, help build a viral presence for your brand and drive traffic to your website, resulting in more people taking a look at your content, and if you are clever, more conversions leading to an ever increasing earning potential for you.

This is why I recommend learning how to market and brand YOURSELF as an expert and a leader in you’re industry, whether using online video marketing or other means. To attain true success in the twenty first century you must know how to market using ALL available marketing mediums.

Online Video marketing is just one of many! If you want to learn how to utilise all the top marketing methods and  build your own list of high quality prospects, brand yourself, and secure your future, whatever you are marketing, CLICK HERE  right now for a FREE Online video marketing training.

Here’s to your Abundance and Freedom

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