Plain sailing through life and business
plain sailing

Plain sailing through life and business

Plain sailing is a pretty common term used

when every thing is going smoothly.


plain sailing

plain sailing

In order to get your business

plain sailing, whether online

or offline, you need to have

some key things in place.

Autopilot sailing is when you have everything set up in such a way that it takes very little effort or participation from you in order to function properly. I do a lot of yacht sailing, and in sailing terms, this would be, when you have the sails and rigging flying and adjusted in unison with the elements around the yacht IE current, wind angle, wind speed, hull direction, tiller setting etc If the elements are consistent, you can literally adjust the sails and tiller once and the yacht will be plain sailing on its own, for hours on end. Obviously, you need to monitor progress and make small adjustments to the sails to better accommodate the wind etc, but in all intents and purposes, the yacht can be plain sailing by itself.   With the addition of specific tools and equipment, like self tailing winches and autopilot steering mechanisms that adjust and steer the yacht for you, based on compass and GPS readings, you really can be plain sailing for long periods of time without needing to personally do a thing. Watch this video to see what Im talking about.

Your Online business can be set up to work in the same manner. Just like plain sailing on a yacht, your business can be plain sailing on the web, with you making minor adjustments to better suit current trends. And just like plain sailing on a yacht, if you incorporate the right tools and equipment, your business can be autopilot sailing, that is, functioning all by itself for long periods without you needing to personally do a thing.   So lets automate your business! Where do you start? Well, you need to start by taking a GOOD look at what your business is offering, and then you need to be very clear on WHO your target market is, what they are looking for and what it is about your business that they like or need. If you can fulfill a want, like or need, then you are onto a winner. And you will be plain sailing straight to the bank 🙂 By determining who your target market is and what they want, like or need, you are in a much stronger position to give it to them. You now also have the ingredients needed to enable you to choose targeted keywords and create marketing campaigns to get your business or brand SEEN by those that want, like or need it.   Its NO USE having a website or blog and an excellent business, service or product, if NOBODY can find you on the web. The right keywords will push your website higher on the search engines and get you seen by people searching on the web. I can show you how to find the right keywords for your business, product or service and how to optimize your website or blog to get more traffic, more leads and ultimately more sales.   This can be done using totally FREE techniques for organic traffic and leads OR if you are interested in BIG results and if you want to get your business plain sailing or even autopilot sailing and get exposure on a grand scale, then you need to put the right tools in place, and more importantly, effective tools. Some of the tools will cost you a little, but then, how badly do you want to get your business plain sailing? You need to make the right investment to get the right results. And if you use effective tools in the right way, you will get a quick return on your investment leaving you in a position of profits fast.   “What tools do I need to automate my business” you might say! And “what techniques do I need to learn in order to get the results that I want?” And “Who’s going to show me all this?” Well, the answers to ALL 3 questions are here on my blog and all for my favourite 4 letter word, FREE. Yep, if you browse my blog, you will find all that you need to get your business plain sailing and even autopilot sailing, no matter what your business, product or service is.

The key is to create content based on what you are offering

and to get it out to the right places on the web so that it can be seen by the MASSES I even break down the exact 10 step process that I use to generate leads traffic and sales and get MY business Plain sailing. In fact, here’s a summary, but I have blanked out some details and the info for each step is broken down and explained in detail on individual blog posts through out my blog.

To see ALL of the details and exactly how to market online and get your business plain sailing, you will need to visit the individual pages on my blog and follow my FREE course,

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and the 10 Step Success system Starting with Step One,

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And, if you put this all together on the right platform,

Which i will show you how to do,

you will be leaps and bounds ahead of your competition and plain sailing your way to profits.


 To your Success!


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What ever network marketing technique you care to mention, I have tried it!! And, in the beginning anyway, failed miserably :-( I knew that it was the industry for me the moment I saw it. But somehow, no matter what I tried, I could not get my business off the ground. And it was not through a lack of effort or trying. To cut a LOOONG story short, I know now what I was doing wrong. And more to the point, I know what are the right things to do, and its really quite simple when you know how. I also know that there is a very large percentage of marketers out there who are right where I was, banging their head against the wall! All they need to succeed, is the information I have. Through this Blog I aim to supply that information to as many people as I can, to help them out of that hole and set them on the road to success. And all for your favourite four letter word. That's right. FREE. I hope I can help you too!!

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