Posturing can make all the difference to your earning potential

Posturing has a LOT to do with one’s success in life. This is especially true of Online marketing.



I have been online for some time now, and to be perfectly honest, for a long time, I did not even know what Posturing was! Let alone how important Posturing is if you want to be a serious and successful marketer.

Lets see what the dictionary says for posturing:


v. pos•tured, pos•tur•ing, pos•tures


1.         Posturing – A position of a person’s body when standing or sitting


2.         Posturing -A particular pose adopted by a bird (person) or other animal, interpreted as a signal of a specific pattern of behavior


3.         Posturing -A particular way of dealing with or considering something; an approach or attitude


4          A particular way of behaving that is intended to convey a certain impression;


5          Posturing -A frame of mind affecting one’s thoughts or behavior; an overall attitude. a conscious mental or outward behavioral attitude

6          Posturing -State or condition at a given time especially with respect to capability in particular circumstances


Whether or not you understand the relevance here right now, in short, when it comes to posturing in relation to online marketing, IF YOU GET IT! YOU GET IT!




All of the top marketers online understand the concept and importance of posturing in their business. You can ask any of them and they will tell you that posturing is one of the key factors to their success.


But just as the term posturing, in itself can refer to a broad spectrum of things in any given scenario. Posturing means different things to each marketer, depending on their individual talents, personalities and skill sets. Therefore, each perfects their own posturing techniques within their chosen niche, and utilizes these skills to build marketing empires on the net, generating large teams and substantial incomes.


But until now, Posturing was a tool of the Elite few who had mastered the art, branded themselves as leaders, positioned themselves in front of the masses and were keeping the Posturing secrets to them selves.


Until now!


More specifically, until the launch of the Empower Network.

As the name implies, this ingenious new program was designed to empower everyone with the art of posturing and the tools for online success, through a network of marketers via ONE powerful platform, regardless of their background, skill, experience, business, product or niche.

Newbies and leaders alike

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In fact, instead of fighting against it, online marketing leaders are joining the Empower network in droves. And since everyone benefits from the growth of the Empower network, a group of the best of them have agreed to divulge their online success secrets and their unique individual posturing techniques for the first time.



A recent Empower network conference call line was opened up and these are the leaders that stepped up to the plate and announced what posturing tips and Skills they will be giving the members via an exclusive webinar series?



Lawrence Tam:

Posturing – The mindset of a $50K a Month Part-time Network Marketer and

Skill – Copywriting to market your landing pages (solo ads, forums etc)


Aaron and Sophia Rashkin:

Posturing – Copywriting – is the single thread that all successful marketers possess that sets them apart from everyone else PPC Marketing techniques.

Skill – Covering ALL types of Pay per click marketing!


Jon Mroz:

Posturing – Optimizing blog posts for more traffic and leads.

Skill – Keyword research and Top 10 SEO Secrets


Toby and Layla Black:

Posturing – How to build a responsive list, no matter how big or small your list is,

Skill – via FREE traffic techniques using social media presence with influence done the right way!


Kris darty:

Posturing – Good content is the key!

Skill – How to get traffic and where does it come from.


Jaime Soriano:

Posturing – (If you dont have a list, you can use solo ads to mail to the list of someone else who has mastered posturing)

Skill – Paid advertising revolved around blogging, article writing, video marketing, solo ads He will even give you ad copy to use, and give you the resources for where to get solo ads done. All tested and proven effective.


Rob Fore:

Posturing – Think and act like a 6 figure earner!

Skill – He will give you a 5 step process that you can do in less than 1hr per day, for generating 6 figures in 12 months.


Tracy walker:

Posturing – 3 ways to optimize your blog posts content.

Skill – Exactly how to rank on the top of google using keyword research techniques. How to link your Empower network blog and your own blog for maximum results. How to create effective MLM funded proposals and maximizing keyword. All in only 90 minutes per day.


Stephanie Deneke:

Posturing – How to write effective blog posts like a leader and keep them interesting.

Skill – How to use this to draw large numbers to your blog.


Nicole Cooper:

Posturing – Nicole Will talk about how to have a vision for your business. Dont live in fear and be intimidated by your peers. The credibility that you can gain from skills learned.

Skill – How to make money with these skills and tools. understanding and knowing where you’re going with your business.

How to develop your personal influence, mindset, and self development


Ed from Ohio:

Posturing – The secret to using the phone is getting people to call you

Skill – How to catch the attention of 200 people in a minute using voice broadcasting techniques, 6 second hooks, sizzle calls via voice mail, take aways with broadcasts, how to get instant and residual responses and call backs. Basically, how to turn your phone into a money machine.


Kelly Williams:

Posturing – Kelly will talk about Posturing in general! Building your brand as a leader, make people want to work with you and follow you. How to be excited and inspiring from the beginning.


Cynthia (the social cowgirl):

Posturing – positioning your self as a brand to get social media related traffic.

Skill – Record your voice on Google, upload your face on facebook, use your face book notes (to rank high in google) target specific niches and facebook PPC.


Every leader on this conference call had the same comment and that was that they were going to be on every webinar to learn posturing, skills and techniques from the other leaders.


If you’re serious about building an online or offline business, then you need to invest in your education, and for the price of $625 you’re going to get $1000s of dollars in training that could put millions of dollars in your pockets.


If upgrading to the top level is out of your reach right now, don’t despair, there is plenty of value at the $25 and $100 product levels, as they both include the SEO optimized aged blog platform, that will enable you to simply post content regularly about what ever you are passionate about, and still get exposure on the search engines, resulting in traffic leads and ultimately sales for your business, product or service.

If you don’t have anything to sell, your blog visitors can still click on one of the high converting banners anywhere on the blog and purchase an Empower network product, earning you 100% commission on whatever membership level you are personally on.

Its that simple!!


You may or may not have heard of some or ALL of these Posturing techniques and marketing skills, but i can assure you, that these experts will show you new and highly effective ways to use them that has generated them large sums of money online, and continues to do so. They are all masters at what they do!


If you join the Empower network, you will have access to all of this information, knocking YEARS off of your online marketing learning curve and set up time.

You simply need to choose the posturing technique that best suits you and your niche and start honing your skills.

The empower network will do the rest!


Click on my photo below to access the insider video that reveals the ‘commission loophole’ that deposits 100% commissions into your bank account daily, hourly …even by the minute.

Here’s to YOUR success.

Brett Jackson – Online marketing mentor.


Here to help!

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