Sales Maximization Training with Tribe Pro

Sales Maximization Training with Tribe Pro

In this Sales maximization Training I will cover how you can Syndicate Your Content Online to multiple places to Create back links, Improve your sites Search engine ranking, increase traffic, generate more leads and ultimately lead to Sales maximization.

One of the best platforms available for Content Syndication and Sales Maximization is Tribepro.

Tribe pro takes the popular service (which automatically syndicates your content to over 50 Social book marking sites) and supercharges it, by enabling members to syndicate other members Content so that they may reciprocate via their Only wire accounts.

By simply belonging to tribes, and there are over 80 tribes, you can possibly have your content syndicated by thousands of people, in Multiple platforms every time you post.

This is how you do it.

Login to Tribepro. Input your Onlywire tool login details, as Tribepro uses Onlywire to syndicate EVERY tribe members submissions.

These syndications could be yours!

Join as many tribes as you can and follow a bunch of people.

NOTE: Since Blogging is My Primary Source of Content Creation, I will use this as an example of how Tribepro works below, but you can submit ANY type of Content URL in the same way.


Now, to submit content, Go to your blog content. Go to the post you want to syndicate.

Go to your browser search bar and copy the URL in there (this is called a permalink)






Copy title, and your keyword tags,

ALL from the  actual post.



In the tribe pro member’s area, go to:

Content / add content and load all of this info into the available boxes.

Choose a Category, IE Internet Marketing.

In suggested Share message box type something like:

How would you feel about this?

Fill in the capture and Click submit.

TribePro will now post this info into the tribes

and tribe members can choose to share it to their Social bookmarking sites

for the chance that you will share their content in return.

As a Plus or Pro member of Tribe pro You have the ability to Auto syndicate others

and have them Auto syndicate you.

So now every time you post content, your content will automatically be syndicated

to 50 plus social platforms via onlywire

by any member who has pre-chosen to auto syndicate you.

Obviously, the more people auto syndicate you,

the more your content gets syndicated,

so its a good idea to Auto syndicate as many people as you can,

so they will reciprocate.


Ok, now you have Submitted one URL of your content to be syndicated.

Now you want to point more places back towards your content

for sales maximization.

To do this, you can either go to your blog post and click tweet.

It will show your title. Click send.

Or you can simply copy your Blog content URL again from the top browser bar,

Login to twitter  and Tweet it.


Click “Me” to Go to that tweet,

at the side of the tweet,

click on the TIME icon.

This will take you to your tweet content itself.

Copy the permalink in the search bar .

Now go back to Tribe pro and add as new content (2nd submission)


But now change the title so it’s not exactly the same as the first submission (add in a word or 2)

Add tags (name of post) Suggested share message: what would you do with this type of training?

Catagory: blogging.

Fill in Capture and submit.

Now you have 2 URLs being syndicated for the same content. This creates more backlinks to your content and gives it a stronger SEO rank.


Sales Maximization on a grand Scale

You can do this with as many platforms as you like and submit them to tribe pro, all pointing to the same piece of content. IE

Google profiles, Facebook, Ezine articles, Squidoo lens, hubpages, etc etc.

I cover more places that you can syndicate to in a separate Training post, Define Syndication.


The info above is powerful but this is doing it all manually through TribePro.


Tribe pro will pull 5 separate RSS feeds per day and Auto submit it for you

Go to settings – Autosubmit.

Now get your RSS feeds and add them to the spaces provided

Start by adding your Blogs RSS feed (or blog Feedburner URL).

Then every time you make a post on your blog,

Tribe Pro will automatically post it to ALL members of ALL Global tribes via your RSS feed.

Thank me later!

Now go to twitter and get your RSS feed which will look like this! and paste it into the RSS feed box.

This will Tweet and Retweet to all of the members twitter pages which can add up to 100’s of thousands of tweets.

Now add your Youtube RSS, so every time you post a video, it will be syndicated through Tribepro via your Youtube RSS feed.

Now add the Facebook RSS feed

If RSS feeds are new to you or you don’t know how to retrieve your RSS feed from face book,

go to this training on how to do it.

The facebook RSS feed is not freely available and can be a bit tricky.

It should look like this:

Except you must place your facebook App ID in place of mine in RED.

NB NOTE: If an RSS feed does not work,

you may need to put it into and get a feedburner Rss to paste in there.

Alternately, you can go to and get a feed url from there.

This turns them into an XML page feed that Tribepro can read.




That equates to thousands of Views.

Watch this video on Sales maximization training with Tribepro.

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To your Success!



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