search engine optimisation consultant

search engine optimisation consultant

 Welcome to Stage Eight of the Abundance and Freedom mastery Series. In this post im going to show you my On page Optimization Checklist. Think of me as your Search Engine Optimisation Consultant.

As your Search Engine Optimisation Consultant Im going to go over everything that you need to know to Search Engine optimize the content that you place on the internet via your website or blog.


search engine optimisation consultant

search engine optimisation consultant

I’ll do this with an example post on my blog to make sure you understand how to do it properly.

One of the things that allows you to rank really high is to make sure that your posts are properly optimized.

with On page Optimization techniques

Im going to show you something that allows you to outrank a ton of people.

Its called SEO pressor keyword tool. Its an essential tool if you market online.

Its Not Free, but its worth it! $47 for 1 site or $97 for unlimited sites (if you have more than one site)

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On page SEO setup.

Search Engine Optimisation Consultant tips

There’s a number of things that should be in a blog post to help it rank well.

You should be trying to add your keyword to as many of these as possible.

You are going to go after a specific keyword or phrase, so first,

go to the side bar and choose from categories to file it.

If it’s a new category that you are working with then you can add a new one.

Then type all of your keywords in the TAGS (simple tags) box on the right hand column.

Go back to this training if you dont know how to get top ranking keywords.

Search Engine Optimisation Consultant tips – General overview of steps.

Ok, i will give you the basic layout requirement,

then I’ll break it down further below.

First you add in your article heading (with keyword).

Then the article body should have the keyword :

  • In the H1,
  • In the first paragraph (first sentence)
  • 1st H2

Add a few more paragraphs with keyword sprinkled +- every 100 words, then place keyword in:

  • In the second H2

Add a few more paragraphs (sprinkled)

  • In your H3 tag and
  • In your final paragraph (final sentence).

500 words is ample for a well optimised post.

You should have a picture in it (with keyword)

A keyword related video link or embedded video.

And you should have a certain amount of keyword density throughout the article with your keyword underlined, italicised and one of them bolded.

All these different factors can get really complicated.

Search Engine Optimisation Consultant tips – Simplified

So now, once your post is saved, your SEO processor tool spits out some stats on the right hand side.

You’ll see there are some crosses and some ticks which indicate what’s right and what’s wrong with the post and an overall score up above.

Now you simply read through the items and make necessary changes to the body of your post.

Then click save changes and you should see the item with a cross disappear, and your score improve.

The more items that you rectify, the more your score will improve.

Your aim is to get as close as possible to 100%.

Don’t worry if you don’t get 100% because I personally have never got it.

As long as the scores are shown in Green, you will do OK.

For keyword density, you want to stick to around 2%.

Search Engine Optimisation Consultant tips – Additional techniques

If your results show you that “you don’t have an internal link to your other pages”. You can do one of 2 things.

You can go to the top of your post page and copy the URL for the post itself and use that.

To make it an internal link, highlight one of your keyword phrases,

go to your tool bar above the text and click on the “hyperlink” button.

Paste your link in and check “open in the same window”. You don’t want this particular one to open in a separate window.


For “Please add rel=nofollow to your external links” you need to do the following.

Click on HTML view.

Locate a link that’s going to an external page.

The html string will look like this

<a href=”;s=e”>Look at my page.</a>

Dont worry, this looks pretty complicated, but its real easy.

In the string,;s=e is the external link

and >Look at my page.< is the text that shows in its place on the Visual view page.

Now All you do is type rel=”nofollow”  into the beginning of the string between <a and href like this:

<a rel=”nofollow”href=”;s=e”>Look at my page.</a>

This will NOT alter the visual look of your post at all but will adjust the no follow attribute of WP blogs in your favour.


One of the things i always do in my last sentence, is I include a keyword phrase, highlight it and then hyperlink it to my Sales funnel.

This is why it’s critical for you to have a sales funnel set up so you can capture leads visiting your post.

Now save your post and check how your score has improved.

This is such a great cheat tool. When you add this to your blog you will literally change your results overnight.

Of course, if you are just starting out, then you are starting on the right foot from day one.

Search Engine Optimization Consultant tips – Adding keyword optimized media.

Ok, so now, to improve your score even more,

add an image or video from your upload button on the tool bar, right from your files folders.

A box will appear for you to add parameters for the image. You can position it.

And i would suggest instead of your name, add in your keyword or phrase in the title and alternate text boxes.

click save and view.

How to ad a you tube video?

I would not suggest using the add video button next to your tools box because it does not code it in right for the search engines.

What i do is i go to my you tube page and log in.

If you have never uploaded a video before then, i’ll show you that in a separate video.

But for this demonstration i’ll assume that you already have a video uploaded on your You tube account.

Ok now, Go to,  login, then scroll to “my video’s”

And then you can see all of your listed video’s.

Now you want to embed the video,

because it makes it that the search engines recognise that it is part of your post,

and it further improves your rankings because it is coming from a very popular site such as you tube, which is an Authority Site.

So what you do is click SHARE below the video and your Youtube video url will appear.

Click the embed box next to the link.

Make sure that NONE of the boxes below are checked except the bottom one.

IMPORTANT: Check “use old embed code”.

Choose a size ie 480 x 360.

Now go up to the box with all of the Embed code in it.

Copy that, go back to your post and put it in.

How to do this?

Change your post view to html, by clicking on html tab top right of content box.

Simply paste it where you want it.

Now click publish and its live to view. Thats it.


If you don’t have your own video’s on youtube,

you can do a search on youtube with your keyword and find other people’s high traffic video’s

and embed their video into your post in the same way as in the process above.

This will still give you a link back to an authority site video.

It’s just someone else’s video and may link off to an offer of their own.

Just make sure that it does not clash with your content.

Another easy way to put a keyword based video into your post

without having to be on the screen or even speak yourself is to make a FREE 30 second video

on These are quick, easy, free professional looking video’s and serve the same purpose.


Search Engine Optimisation Consultant tips – Finalizing your post.

Right at the bottom you must place your call to action and link, which is an absolute MUST on your posts.

When they click on the link it should open up your lead capture page of your Sales funnel in a new window.

This is also important so that they don’t completely leave your blog.

It stays active in the previous window for people to come back to it after they have viewed the page you want them to view.

So now you see why you need to have your sales funnel set up.

Now your post should be ready to publish.

You can preview it to see how it looks first as a web page.

So now i have shown you the secret weapon for your blog that very few people know about.

The SEO press tool will put you leaps and bounds ahead of the rest and allow you to rank really high.

If you have a website or blog, and have been applying the teachings ive given

you so far, you will already rank highly,

because it will be optimized for maximum SEO Exposure.

All you have to do is add content regularly.

With all of the tools that i am going to give you in this video training series you will absolutely dominate on the search engines,  (Click here to see how i get 8 out of 10 blog posts on 1st page of Google)

and with your funnel system set up you will gain more leads than you know what to do with.

I look forward to seeing you in the next stage of the Abundance and Freedom mastery Series

Which is The Meat and Veg of this training,

Stage 9 Content Syndication.

It’s so incredibly powerful and i can’t wait to show you these strategies. (click the hyperlink above)

They are going to BLOW your mind.

These search engine optimisation consultant training posts are merely Snippets of strategies and techniques that i have learned from the training’s in my time online.

If you watch my blog,

you will acquire the right knowledge to get you on the road to success.

But if $15000 plus per month is your aim, then you will want to become an Affluence Network member and get access to the best, most advanced training in the internet marketing niche along with a Fully set up marketing funnel that has the professionals doing the marketing and sales conversions FOR YOU.

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To your Success!



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