Sisel International review – Can you sizzle with this opportunity?

What’s the MLM business opportunity you are looking for? If you are interested in getting involved with personal care products and the like, perhaps you can benefit from Sisel International leads. The opportunity starts with learning what Sisel international is all about.

sisel international

sisel international

Sisel International is committed to excellence especially when it comes to their exceptional product line and the expertise of their research scientists. But all of that aside, can you really make a full-time business of their opportunity. My aim with this review is to give you enough information that you can make an informed decision for yourself. By the way, I am not connected to them in any way, just giving my honest, expert opinion.



Sisel International offers a variety of personal care and nutritional products through network marketing distribution channels, currently operating in 21 countries around the world. The company’s name, Sisel, has a great ring to it as it is pronounced “Sizzle” like they are blazing hot. There is though, a deeper meaning, as Sisel is actually an acronym for the key principles that the company stands by: Science, Innovation, Success, Energy, and Longevity.



Sisel International is a Utah based company that was Founded in 2006 by Tom Mower, who has a solid back ground in Marketing and Sales and a flair for Chemistry. Tom continues to play a fervent role in all aspects of the company which is currently operated by his sons Tom Mower Jr ( CEO ) and Darick Mower ( President ). They also claim to have the best research scientists the wellness industry has to offer, and the financial backing to take them to the top in the industry.



Sisel International manufacture all of their own products in their 400,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which is a major plus in my book as this gives them more control over the manufacturing quality and customer / member product support.

The Sisel International product range include’s Liquid nutritional, Nutritional Supplements, Hair Care, Anti-Aging, Skin Care and home care products

SISEL’s premiere product, FuCoyDon, contains whole limu moui, a high-powered sea nutrient with regenerative properties. Limu moui’s active constituent, fucoidan, is a complex molecule and the subject of over 700 studies. Research shows that fucoidan supports immune, cardiovascular and digestive health. The FuCoyDon beverage is blended with juices known for their antioxidant activity.

Sisel International say that they avoid potentially harmful ingredients found in common, off-the-shelf products and use only the most pure, potent, safe, and effective ingredients nature has to offer.

One very interesting twist is that the products prices are the same for customers and distributors alike. This pricing model encourages distributors to introduce the products to everyone by inviting them to purchase direct from the company, just as they do, by becoming distributors or preferred customers.


Compensation Plan

Sisel International have an innovative, high-paying hybrid compensation program which comprises of 6 base income streams, which are:

1. Direct Distributor Commissions

2. Master Distributor Commissions

3. Fast Start Bonus

4. Momentum Bonus

5. Builder’s Bonus

6. Car Bonus

As well as leadership bonuses at certain earned levels. There are also several notable features that set their pay plan apart from others in the industry:

An internationally integrated pay plan which allows for Global-seamless compensation.

An auto purchase function which enables strong marketers to grow their own business and gain immediate wealth from the fast start bonuses

The plans builder’s Bonus provides potentially inexhaustible earning potential.

Joining as a distributor requires a low entry fee and there is a great potential to make a lot of money.

You can retail the products and make an immediate income or combine retailing with building a downline. Obviously, if you build a strong downline, you will have the potential of creating a good residual income and achieving your goals faster.

As with any other business, you are not going to get rich overnight with Sisel International.  It will take patience, perseverance and consistency.

I will show you How

Sisel international review Conclusion

I’ll be very honest with you in this Sisel International review– if you are going to make it with Sisel International or any network marketing company, you have to be able to expose the products and the opportunity to a lot of people. You’ll need to have the right mlm marketing strategy that will help you to get this exposure.

And that’s the problem that a lot of network marketers have. They run out of people to talk to about the business and then they quit.

For you to have an endless supply of mlm leads or prospects, you need to harness the power of the internet to tap into the thousands of people who are looking for what you have.

The sad truth is, you will not get very far in this business if you only work locally or restrict yourself to your circle of influence and that’s why you need to learn mlm marketing strategies that will enable you to market effectively on the internet!

By using the internet you can generate 20+ targeted mlm leads everyday for your sisel international business, or any other for that matter, without pestering family and friends. I have a free training videothat can show you how to do just that.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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Here’s to YOUR success.

Brett Jackson – Online marketing mentor.


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