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Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion has once again topped the latest list of top gainers in the MLM and Network marketing field and continues to grow.

If you are reading this, you may know this already, and are following up to see what all the fuss is about, or maybe you would like to join this company.


My aim with this 3rd party review is to give you facts about Talk Fusion and their products so you can make your own conclusion. I am not affiliated to them in any way, so you can be assured that this info is honest and unbiased.



Talk Fusion offers products that give anyone the ability to create and send video emails to friends, family and potential customers for products or services.



This all started in 2004 when Bob Reina, Founder and President simply wanted to email a 10-sec video to friends, but was told that it was impossible to do so. Right there and then he decided that he was going to make it possible. In 2007, Talk Fusion was launched and has continued to grow ever since.The brand is now represented in 85 countries and is currently the largest video content provider in the world.



Talk Fusion offers 8 Video Communication Products!

Professional-looking Video Emails, cutting edge Video Conferencing,  Once you have made up your video’s the platform enables you to post them to your own social media community that Talk Fusion have called the Fusion Wall

You also have the ability to share them on hundreds of popular social sites at the click of a button. You can create a Video Blog and you can also capture leads using their tool for creating E-Subscription Forms channeling web site or blog visitors to your mailing list. Once there, you can continue to build quality relationships with them by using the Talk Fusion Video Auto Responders to automatically follow-up with a series of personalized video e-mails.

Because we all know that, building relationships is the crux of this business. And if you are not doing this, then the unfortunate reality is, you are NOT going to make it.

I must admit, that when I saw what Talk Fusion offer in this regard, I was very impressed! Their products certainly have the WOW factor! You only have to view some of the demo’s on the site to be convinced of this. If used properly, these tools could help you to really get your product or business out there and create massive exposure.

However, there are 2 ways to look at this! There are other companies offering similar tools individually across the web, and these tools may have more functions (per tool) and cost less if that’s the only tool that you need. The other view is that Talk Fusion has them all in one place, and they are all customizable, can be branded and interlinked.

I think one question here would be how user-friendly are they, for the sender and the receiver? Not everyone has super high-speed connections around the world with capacity for transfer of large files, such as video files.

That said, technologies are being developed to overcome these problems all the time, and there is no doubt that video is the way of the future. Just look at You tube, Viddler, vimeo etc. Statistics show that by 2013 over 60% of all online content will be video content. Over the next 5 years 80% of the email market will be dominated by video emails. So the company is well positioned and could be a good one to join if you are looking to get involved in the network marketing industry.


Talk Fusion Leads

Talk Fusion leads


There are 2 ways that you can get involved. You can become a customer, if you simply want to use the products to get your brand noticed, or you can become a talk fusion independent associate and get paid for promoting the Talk Fusion products and opportunity to others.


Compensation plan

Talk Fusion has an Executive package for $250, and an Elite Package for $750. Both have a $35 per month monthly fee, which in turn equates to residual income for you when you enroll members.

There are 6 ways to earn. For every product sold, you earn a commission anywhere between $20-$60. They offer matching bonuses as well as advancement bonuses.  Leadership bonuses are also offered where you can qualify to earn 1% of the total sales volume that is generated worldwide. They have just introduced a new car bonus.

Talk Fusion claims to have the worlds first instant pay Compensation Plan! For $25 you can get yourself a branded Talk Fusion Global debit card, where your commissions are paid the second you sell one of the products. Pretty neat! This is also an indication of the financial stability of the company.


The company, the products and their compensation plan have proven to be top-notch.

However, simply working with a great company does not guarantee your success.  In fact, most Talk Fusion reps are losing money every single month.  The ones that have hit the top levels and make the huge residual earnings have done so because they have effective marketing plans to generate leads and new sign-ups.

But don’t fret, there are ways to position yourself to make great money with Talk Fusion.

First, you must join with someone who is willing to help you.  They should hold regular training sessions, be available to answer your questions, and know how to recruit on a consistent basis.

Second, you must be able to generate high-quality leads every day.

Many reps within Talk Fusion know how to leverage the internet to find people who are looking to join a home based business.  You can do this too with the right training.

To see how you can generate between 10and 30 leads every day for your Talk Fusion business, >>Click Here<<                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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Here’s to YOUR success.

Brett Jackson – Online marketing mentor.

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