Thirty one consultants cant be wrong….can they?

Thirty one consultants could have chosen very wisely……….. time will tell!

Thirty one consultants , It appears, could not be in a better place right now, as the company skyrockets up the ranks of the top direct selling companies.

Thirty one is a party planning company offering a range of products via direct selling principles through their company consultants.

The thirty one fall catalog is sure to bolster this spurt of interest.

Company and Founders

The company was founded in 2003 by President and CEO, Cindy Monroe; a wife and mother who felt there was a market for other women like herself that didn’t have the time to visit gift shops and boutiques.
Cindy Monroe began sewing purses with one machine in the basement of her home in Chattanooga, Tenn.
Since then, with the assistance of her appointed Vice President Julie Sutton, Thirty one has become one of the fastest growing party planning / direct sales companies in America. Thirty one today has a compliment of 40,000 consultants nationwide since its birth Eight years ago.

The name thirty-one does not come from 31 products in the range as most assume, but actually derives from the bible, more specifically the verses of proverbs 31, which Cindy thought matched the type of woman that this business was developed for, and their mission statement reflects that:
“Our mission is to celebrate, encourage and reward women through offering quality products and an outstanding opportunity to become successful business owners. Thirty-One Gifts has a goal of providing women with a fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable shopping and work experience as part of their faith-based mission”.
The company has production facilities in two states and is constantly developing new products which are designed to be as stylish as possible, making them easy to give to people as Thirty one gifts.


Thirty one fall catalog will show their extensive range of products designed to appeal to a female customer base. Their key product line consists of a selection of gifts and accessories that are stylish, useful and affordable. It includes exclusive home and fashion products such as baskets, clothing and bags. Personalized embroidery, engraving and lettering can be done on various products like, monogrammed handbags and scented candles to personalized stationery, and kitchen accessories. Initials, Motif or a personal phrase can be done in the font and color of your choice.


Thirty one consultants can hold house parties, demonstrations and gatherings where they can sell a variety of gifts as well as business opportunities to people. There is not much info on the site, so I could not get details on a compensation plan but, Hostesses get special discounts and FREE products just for hosting a party. The hosts of these events have the opportunity to earn over $200 per gathering and if they host a $500+ party, they get Double free product, and bonuses are based on the number of individuals that attend each party.
The company has made this easy for thirty one consultants by creating product groupings like “party to go” which comes with everything you’ll need to take Thirty One with you, to friends, networking groups, your hair dresser, or family get-togethers. It includes products, cleverly packed in one tote, catalogs and the paperwork needed to take orders.
These products and groupings will all be shown in the Thirty-one fall catalog which Thirty one consultants can use as a marketing tool.

Thirty one consultants

To be connected with one of the Thirty One consultants called “Dream builder’s” customers need to fill out their contact information on the sites web form.
Then, if you wish to become a thirty one consultant, there’s a specific process you must follow. You must meet with one of the existing Thirty One consultants face-to-face in order to become involved with the company. Thirty one says that this shows that they are committed to providing you with the best possible face to face buying experience. To ensure that you get the support that you deserve, leads are assigned to Thirty one Consultants who have demonstrated a commitment to their business and may not necessarily be located near you. This is another way that Thirty one consultants are helped by the company and fed leads directly from the sites sign up form. However, information on how to get started as a Thirty-One consultant is not listed anywhere on the web site.

In closing, Thirty-one is a good company that sells high quality products and has strong leaders.  However, contrary to what you may have been told, that has very little to do with whether you will be successful or not. You see, the leaders will not sell the products for you and make you successful. You yourself will have to do that AND bring in your own consultants to make your business a success. In fact, that applies to whatever company you belong to in the direct selling, network marketing industry.

This is why I recommend learning how to market and brand yourself, not your company. That way when people join, they join YOU not your company, thus giving you complete control over how you operate your business and allow you to take over any mlm company you are with.

Should you join thirty one today and become one of the thirty one consultants ? That of course is up to you.

Either way, to attain success in the twenty first century you must know how to market. To learn how to build your own list of high quality prospects, brand yourself, and secure your future in any company you join, even Thirty-one, CLICK HERE right now for a FREE training.

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Here’s to YOUR success.

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