Viviane Review – Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

If you are currently looking for an MLM company with a solid reputation, you might have already come across Viviane Skincare. There are different reviews found on the company all over the Net, however most of them are written by representatives who already joined Viviane. It is a company that is based on a simple referral system and offers a great compensation plan for its representatives. They sell skin care products through network marketing.


Viviane – History



Viviane was founded in 1958 by businessman Gordon Woodard and chemist Ernie Bridgeman. Bridgeman realized that water, rather than oil was the catalyst for healthy, beautiful skin and the key ingredient needed in skin care products to give women the result that they want and need.

Woodard devised the marketing plan. Since the company would be selling skin care products for women, then it seemed logical that they should be distributed in an intimate and personal way, woman to woman. Subsequently the party plan model evolved as an effective tool for Viviane members. The company was named after Gordans wife and marketed as Viviane Woodard.

Over the years, Viviane Woodard continued to grow and prosper.


Viviane – Current company and leadership

In 2000, the Spitzer family invested in the company and gained majority ownership. And in 2008 Kathleen Spizter took the helm and the company was re-launched and re-branded as Viviane


Viviane – Products

All of the Viviane products utilize Viviane Woodard’s original cleanse-tone-moisturize system that is still the industry standard.

The flagship product is their moisturizer called “Moistrio”. They also have, cleansers, toners, Anti aging creams, Serums, exfoliants, eye treatments, sun protection, body care, mens line, bath and body, fragrance, makeup and vitamin enriched moisturizing lotion. All with a 30 day money back guarantee.

I will show you How

Viviane – Compensation Plan

The essence of the business is sharing of the products, woman to woman on a personal basis, and product parties are a large part of the Viviane business model. Viviane Consultants can Earn generous Hostess Rewards for sharing VIVIANE Skin Care via what they call “skinsmart events”  The more Skinsmart events you organize, the more you can earn, and your commission percentage is even adjusted based on pre-scheduled events. You earn a minimum of 10% from all Retail Sales generated during your Event. You receive an appreciation gift in your hostess order which is shipped FREE, and you instantly become a VIP qualifying you for newsletters, special offers, coupons and free samples.

And if a separate Viviane event is scheduled from yours, you’ll receive a $10 certificate to spend there.

But take NOTE: In order for the event to Qualify it must have a Miinimum of 3 guests and $300 in retail sales.

Viviane offers a couple of ways that you can join. For $149 you can get the basic Business Starter Display Kit, or for $299, the Business Builder Display Kit. A VIVIANE replicated marketing site and access to the VIVIANE newsletter is available for $10 extra.

Viviane pays a 35% personal retail commission on every product personally sold regardless of the rank within VIVIANE, with additional commission paid as sales rank increases. This is the first of 8 income streams in the VIVIANE compensation plan which also includes: Sponsoring Bonus, Mentoring Bonus, Consistency Bonus, Team Volume Overrides, Promotion Overrides,  Expense Bonus and Business Supply Credit:


Summary / Conclusion

Viviane has been here for so many years and it has endured several negative publicities but has stood the test of time, regardless of the stiff competition in the cosmetics industry. If they were not a good, strong company do you think they would have lasted as long as 50 years?


In closing, Viviane looks like a good company for the right person. They market quality products, and have a generous compensation plan. However, having all this in place usually is not enough to guarantee your success. Your ability to sponsor new consultants, sell products, and build a large team will be what makes all the difference in your business. One very key skill to make success possible is the ability to market online and generate leads on auto-pilot. I recommend you use a Proven Attraction Marketing System to brand yourself, generate leads, sign up leaders, and even make money from those that say NO to your primary business. If you focus on combining online attraction marketing with a good offline program, you will put yourself on the fast track to building a powerful network marketing empire.

Want More Leads For Your Viviane Business?

Real success in your Viviane business requires you have a working knowledge of personal branding and MLM lead generation. Learn to build your downlinefaster by becoming a Powerful Networker online as well as offline.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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