Want relevant targeted content?
Laser Targeted Sniper Rifle

Want relevant targeted content?

Want relevant targeted content for your Blog?

On this post we are going to cover stage five of the Abundance and Freedom mastery series,

want relevant targeted

You want relevant targeted content

and talk about what Original content you should be putting on your blog

if you want relevant targeted traffic.

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You want relevant targeted content – What content?


One of the first questions I asked myself when I started on line was

What is content writing?

Or more precisely, What content should I write about?

Well, first of all, when it comes to creating content,

you have to be extremely focused

on what your audience is really searching for to begin with.

I’m in network marketing, so I’m going to use this topic

as an example throughout this post,

but you can use these principles for any content research.


If you write an article that is “basically” about network marketing,

then it’s basically like firing a shotgun at a small target

and just hoping that you hit it.

Shotgun Scenario accuracy

Shotgun Scenario accuracy

If you approach your audience and your content in the shotgun scenario,

you’re not going to get much traffic.

That’s just too broad of a topic, if we’re talking about

just network marketing and you want relevant targeted traffic.



You need to use a more accurate approach,

like a laser targeted sniper rifle.

Laser Targeted Sniper Rifle

Laser Targeted Sniper Rifle

Because if you narrow your focus

and you talk about what people in network marketing would be searching for,

you’ll get much better search engine rankings and a lot more traffic.

So instead you could talk about

network marketing compensation plans for example,

or the different kinds of compensation plans that there are.

Or even focus in on the specifics of a certain compensation plan.

Now, just by doing that, we are still in the network marketing arena,

but we’ve narrowed our focus

and we’re targeting one specific part of network marketing

and that could be for example:

only Uni-level network marketing compensation plans with matching leadership bonuses.


You want relevant targeted content – Specific content


You need to write content that is exactly specific

to what a person is actually searching for

if you want relevant targeted traffic.


So what kinds of content do we create?


Well there’s a lot of different content,

which I covered in web content guidelines,

but the main ones that we’re going to be focusing on, is articles and videos.

These are the most effective if you want relevant targeted traffic.

If you use content in a certain way,

it will allow you to just dominate the search engines.

And you can be everywhere all the time

You want relevant targeted content –  what do we write about?


There is an unlimited amount of topics that you can write about.

But since we are on the subject of Online marketing,

you could write about online companies.

There are thousands of them out there.

You could do a review on one of them or all of them

and then give them a ranking from 1 to 10 based on certain criteria.

You could write about marketing systems,

Marketing leaders, people who have a major influence on the industry,

Marketing products,

you can write about online opportunities, top-tier programs.

You can write success tips and even write how to do something,

internet marketing principles,

mindset of a leader etc.

The list could literally go on and on and on.

I hope this helps to open up your mind to the possibilities.

It’s only limited by your creativity.

There is something REALLY important

that I want you to keep in mind when you’re creating any kind of content.

It’s really imperative that you

stay positive and informative with your content.


You want relevant targeted content – Fulfill a want or need


When creating content, ask yourself these two questions:

What is the person who is searching for this particular keyword actually looking for?

And how can I help them find it?

See if you can work along those lines, and then create content that applies to that.

Make sure that you do your research on any given topic

and lay out the FACTS ONLY about a person, product, service or company.

If you talk really highly about that company, you mention all of its benefits and where it stands out. People who are looking for information on that company will find it,

and read it, and they will start to look at you with a great deal of respect.

And now you’re seen as an expert immediately,

because you’re providing the exact information that that person was looking for.

You may also have people from that company read it and say

“hey! That’s a really great article that speaks the truth and spells out details about our company correctly”.

And then they will share that information on facebook and twitter

and they could even do a video about it and send it out by e-mail to everyone they know.

So it could become viral, without your even being involved.

I have some content that has been tweeted more than 20 times in a single day.

I don’t know who these people are, but they found my content

and they felt compelled to share it with others.

That really is powerful.

You want relevant targeted content

+ Positive activity

= positive results


So always stay on the positive side, and speak really well about other people,

and other topics and you will be surprised how positively people react to it.

And how quickly you build up a loyal following on the internet,

just waiting for you to post your next piece of content.


I hope these content creation tips were helpful

and will help you gain the results you desire with your blog.

These tips are essential if you want relevant targeted

traffic to your blog.

If you don’t already have a blog, we teach you

how to set one uphere,

and give you all the tools and training to start blogging,

marketing and making money.

And I will walk you through the steps on MY BLOG.

The next stage of this abundance and freedom mastery series

will discuss how you can use the internet to research information to help you create content.

Information gathering techniques such as Where to go, what to look for and how to use it to make your articles and blog posts more enticing to people who want relevant targeted information.





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To your Success!


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