Wealth Masters International Review

Wealth Masters International. Interesting name huh!? And it sounds impressive, but are they really wealth masters, and can they help you to become one? Well, my aim with this article is to review all of the necessary details about the company, the products and the opportunity to assist you in making an informed decision about whether or not they are worth getting involved with.

Wealth Masters International

Wealth Masters International

By the way, I am not connected with them in any way, im just a third-party industry expert giving my honest opinion.

Wealth Masters International – Company

Wealth Masters International claims to be the World’s Premiere Wealth Creation Community and is a direct sales company that is based in Houston, Texas.

Founded in 2005, the company offers several levels of membership in programs designed to stimulate financial accountability and personal development, training individuals to be entrepreneurial minded while building wealth. Their educational products have been designed to address a truly international user group. Their instructional materials, combined with the services of their alliance partners, provide a range and depth of advanced information that is rarely available through conventional financial planners and advisors.

Wealth Masters International say that they have assembled the world’s brightest minds in every area of finance, fitness, nutrition and personal development.

Membership in the Wealth Masters International club provides you with lifetime access to success coaches who are already millionaires, successful entrepreneurs, and personal development experts.


Wealth Masters International – Leadership

Wealth masters international was founded by Kip Herriage who spent 15 years on Wall street managing millions in assets for high-net-worth individuals. Kip’s partner Karl Bessey, spent 22 years in the underground coal mines in Utah and later became an international top producer and award-winning marketer in some of the world’s most successful direct sales companies. They both knew that there must be a “better way to achieve success, and they developed the Wealth Masters educational system and wealth model to help anyone who has the will power and the desire to succeed. Members of the Wealth Masters International community can create lives of greater wealth, health and wisdom by simply applying their proven formula.


Wealth Masters International – Products

Their products are Mpower, M1, M2 and M3.

The Wealth masters international entry-level product is called the mPOWER. Priced at $295, and dramatically reduces business startup costs. This product allows members to experience the first 30 days of the M1 “1% Solution” curriculum and begin participating in the hybrid compensation plan at a dramatically lower cost of entry than joining directly with their primary product, M1. They then have the option to upgrade to the full m1 product within 10 days of enrollment in Wealth Masters by simply paying in the difference.

The retail price for the m1 Masters Program is $1,995.

This is accompanied by a Monthly subscription fee which allows you to retain access to the program and includes their Wealth Accelerator online financial planning software, which is said to be worth $9000 if purchased as a stand-alone product.

NOTE: This product is included with the M2 and M3 plans also.


So what does M1 include?

Well, it comes with instructional material on 16 CD’s and DVD’s, a 100-day online curriculum, a daily journal to track progress, access to an array of carefully screened alliance partners, and an optional monthly subscription program called The WMI Academy that provides two levels of weekly live webinars in wealth, health and wisdom plus a monthly newsletter.

Wealth Masters collaboration with their alliance partner faculty allows them to include financial literacy information that is unavailable in the traditional public education system, plus advanced concepts in banking, incorporation, asset protection, tax strategies, credit principles and global currency and economic policies that impact an individual’s personal finances.

In addition, the curriculum also includes expanded content on fitness, nutrition and personal development to provide the user with a holistic, step-by-step approach to experience measurable improvements in quality of life as they complete the course in its entirety.

The 15 expert presenters in this educational series (most of whom are self-made multi-millionaires in their own right) have over 250 years of combined expertise as the world’s top thought-leaders in money management, personal development and alternative wellness.


Wealth Master International’s second product is the M2 Wealth Conference, which retails for $8,995. M2 is a content-rich four-day conference that features up to 30 expert guest speakers with emphasis on financial education, along with additional content that touches on personal development and wellness in keeping with the company’s holistic emphasis on Wealth, Health and Wisdom.


And their third product is the M3 Private Wealth Group, which retails for $12,995.

The main key ingredient to this product is a one year subscription to co-founder Kip Herriage’s Vertical Research Advisory newsletter, one of the world’s top producing financial newsletters.

You also have access to private member’s only calls, along with private wealth creation opportunities, plus an annual 5 day international all-inclusive conference.

This conference includes advanced content from the same M2 conference speakers, but is geared more towards the personal growth aspect of the company’s holistic Wealth, Health and Wisdom focus.

In addition, the M3 Private Wealth Group offers participants an opportunity to develop more advanced investment skills and form valuable personal relationships with many of the world’s most recognized thought leaders in finance, personal development and total wellness.

Also included are marketing support tools, resources and training, instructional materials, free daily training calls that cover advertising, prospecting, product knowledge, communication skills and a range of other business-building concepts.

Although their Masters Programs are only available for sale through their consultant network, Wealth Masters does not require anyone to take part in their business opportunity in order to use the product.

Wealth Masters International offers discounted combination packages. They also offer a 100-day money-back guarantee. There are additional services available through the Wealth Masters Alliances, most of whom offer substantial discounts to Wealth Masters Community members.

Let me show you how!


The outlay for either or all of the wealth masters products is quite high in my book, but then, it all depends on your financial status and what you want to get out. This will also be directly related to what YOU put in over and above the financial expense.

Advertising money necessary to make sales is NOT included in these costs. That is for your account.

All of the products incur a monthly fee which ascends in line with the product price.


Wealth Masters International – Compensation Plan

Wealth Masters International uses a network marketing model with an advanced hybrid compensation plan that pays incentive income through three different income streams:

Large upfront direct sales, residual income paid five levels deep, along with a profit-sharing model with the new quarterly global bonus pool.

To earn commissions from sales of these products means either a one-time purchase of each of these products or the optional “Earn Your Way In”

However, what you need to realize is that those who choose to earn their way in will pass up 100% of the profit from the first sale and will earn 10% on sales 2-5. Once this has been completed, a Consultant is qualified and will retain 100% of the future profits from personal sales.


Wealth Masters International – Summary / Conclusion

Is Wealth masters International a good company and should you join? Well, without seeing the content of the training materials and viewing the expert speakers at the conferences, it’s hard for me to say. What I can tell you is that, even if the information and support is excellent, it will NOT help unless you heed the advice and take action to apply it. Even then there is no guarantee, as this is, after all an MLM business, which will rely on you bringing in team members of your own and making sure that they in turn heed the advice and apply it.

At the end of the day, your success in Wealth Masters International will be based on your ability to expose new people to your business every day. This is why it is absolutely essential for you to know who your target market really is. If you are considering using the internet to earn an income stream, I recommend that you attain a working knowledge of personal branding and lead generation. These two critical factors will separate you from the rest of the competition and allow you to focus directly on the people who will be joining you in your chosen business rather than wasting your time on people with no intention of making money.

For real internet business mastery techniques and to see how you can separate yourself from the competition, generate endless Wealth Masters International leads for FREE and make money even if a person doesn’t join your Primary opportunity watch this free video.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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Here’s to YOUR success.

Brett Jackson – Online marketing mentor.


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