Web content guidelines
Web content guidelines

Web content guidelines

Web Content guidelines

On this post we are going to cover Part three of the Abundance and Freedom mastery series, Web content guidelines. If you missed PART TWO you can go back and check it out here!

Web content guidelines

Web content guidelines

I’m going to cover the web content guidelines that make our marketing strategies work and play a huge role in driving search engine rankings.

This will be done over a few posts linked to this one, so be sure to read to the bottom to find the link to the next stage.

OR if you are ready, or can’t wait, go straight to CONTENT TYPE HUB now.

In the realm of internet marketing, everything starts and ends with CONTENT.

The web content guidelines in this post are merely an overview of the different ways that you can use original content to promote and market ANYTHING on the internet.   The MOST important part of the process is, you have to figure out what your message is to the world. And then do some types of content analysis to determine the best way to get YOUR unique content seen.

Here are a few Web content guidelines and

content marketing types.



These web content guidelines may be old news for people that have been marketing for a while, but let’s just go through it. It’s important if you want relevant targeted content for your site.

You can market content via:

Web content guidelines – Blogging

Your blog, where you make consistent posts, and upload new content to your blog everyday. This can be in the form of written, graphic or video content.   I cover blogging in a separate post. What a blog is, how it works, why it’s so important (and effective) and how you can use it for online marketing. Where everything starts and ends with content, your blog is your central point of contact that connects all the dots. It’s like web content mining and your blog is the GOLD.

Web content guidelines – Articles

You can create content in the form of articles and place them in article directories. I will show you how to “spin” the content in these articles so that your content is 100 times as effective, and also how to submit them to 1000’s of directories at the click of a button.

Web content guidelines – video’s

You can create content in the form of Video’s use video marketing platforms and techniques.

This is one of the most powerful ways to market.

Especially if you are great in front of a camera, and if you’re not, I’ll actually show you a way that you can utilize this and not be in front of a camera until you are comfortable. But online video marketing is one of the best ways to get a huge following really quickly.

Web content guidelines – Social Bookmarking

You can do social bookmarking on social sites like DIGG, Posterous, linked in, stumbleupon and MANY more. And, i would even consider Twitter as a form of social bookmarking because marketers use twitter to say, here’s my content, and they put their blog link up on twitter for basically anyone who’s following them to see.   Social bookmarking sites are sites where viewers rate what content should be viewed on the site. So in other words, you go onto DIGG and you rate a website by putting your little digg sign next to the content, and the more people digg that site, the more bookmarks it has,

the higher it gets ranked in the search engines and the faster it goes.

They all work in a similar fashion. Needless to say, the more social bookmarking sites you have content on being shared, the further you get pushed up on the search engines and the more traffic you get to your content. Social bookmarking is a very fast way to syndicate your content. In my content promotion blog post, Im going to show you how you can bookmark your content to over 50+ different sites instantaneously, and you can do it for my favorite four letter word. FREE.

Web content guidelines – Syndication

Your content can also be syndicated. This is something that you don’t have much control over, but it’s a powerful concept. Syndication is simple. If you write really good content, another blogger picks up on it, and says, this person wrote a really great article, go check it out, and they link back to your site. Or they take your article and they copy and paste it on their site and then they link back to your site as the original source. It boosts your rank in the search engines and it drives your site forward. I can show you ways to increase your content syndication 100 fold AND how to Automate most of it.   On my Blog I show you how to use ALL of the above platforms laid out in the web content guidelines to get your content seen by the masses, pushing you higher up the search engines, and drive traffic to your site,

generating you leads, converting to sales, earning YOU money!

Web content guidelines – Getting to the top

So! How does content creation get you to the top of the search engines? Well, it’s really simple! It’s in your definition of subject matter.

In my previous post, I went over the Core concepts of marketing where I explained the importance of relevancy, popularity, originality and consistency.


If you combine these core concepts with the web content guidelines, then you have

The Answer!


Its content which has the most sites linking in which is the most popular. From the most relevant pages, that is original content, gets to the top of EVERYTHING.

Let me repeat that, it is the content which has the most sites linking in which is the most popular. From the most relevant pages, that is original content, gets to the top of



To the top of Digg, yahoo, google, all of the social bookmarking sites. It’s everywhere.   There are some other guiding principles that are behind it though!   The content that is on the most popular sites, with the most popular votes with the best site optimization, will win against ALL of the competition, if all of the factors are there.   So in other words, it is easier to rank a video on you tube, to the top of Google, because you tube is a very popular site. So if I write an article and I post it on my blog, and i have a few social bookmarking site links going to my blog. My blog will rank pretty high in the search engines. But if you have a you tube video and the same number of social bookmarking site links pointing to your youtube video, your video will rank higher than my blog because you tube is a much more popular site.


Now if, in addition to the social bookmarking site links, you were to make a video and link it back to your blog article, then the video would help your blog article rank even higher Don’t worry if you are not sure how to do this yet, I’ll help you do that later. Right now, we are going to go through the concepts to help you understand. Web content guidelines – So what can you control?

The kind of content that you create! You could choose blogging, you can choose video’s. These are the two that i really recommend. The third thing i recommend is article marketing, to tie into your strategy. You can control how much content you create, depending on how much available time you have in the day. You can choose to use original content, or you could be like one of those people who just copies everyone else. It works to a certain extent, but i recommend coming up with as much of your own content as possible. You can control where you distribute your content and where you promote your content IE Social Book marking some aspects of content Syndication.

You can’t control what people think of your site, but you CAN control all of these other factors that influence how people see your site.

And if you can control all of these factors right, you can beat any competition out there and gain popularity over time, naturally on its own.   I hope these web content guidelines were helpful! The next stage of this abundance and freedom mastery series will discuss the purpose and function of a blog and how you can use it as your central control room or content type hub and bring all these aspects together.

And I will show you how to do the rest, incorporating these web content guidelines AND MORE!




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To your Success!


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