Xocai healthy chocolate sells like……Chocolate! – Can you believe that?

Xocai healthy chocolate.

Have you heard about this new trend in Health foods yet? No? If not, im pretty sure that you soon will.

Xocai claims that their healthy chocolate is actually GOOD for you and, quite frankly, they are gaining a LOT of interest. Maybe its curiosity?

This is an honest, third party review of the Xocai business opportunity and products.

Xocai Company

Xocai is not a new business, in fact Xocai has been going since 2007, but has recently gained interest in the industry and is climbing up the MLM rankings. It seems that the idea of “healthy chocolate” appeals to the masses. Every day, over 1 billion people worldwide eat chocolate; in fact, the average American consumes more than 12 pounds of chocolate each year. Consequently, the Xocai business is simple: replace the bad with the good. The best part is that you will be paid to eat and share Xocai Healthy Chocolate.

Xocai is the primary product of MXI Corp. in Reno Nevada.

MXI, which stands for Marketing Xocalate (Chocalate) International, created Xocai (pronounced Sho-sigh) and market it as a health promoting antioxidant. According to MXI’s website, the Xocai products incorporate the most powerful antioxidant form of chocolate, which is a combination of the amazing antioxidant Acai berry (and other fruits) with all natural process cocoa powder, boosted by a special cold-processing process. And to achieve a low glycemic index, Xocai products are further sweetened with Agave Nectar.

According to MXI – Xocai, the fastest growing segment in the health industry is the Functional Beverage Segment


Xocai Leadership

Xocai Owners / Executives
Jeannette Brooks is the company President  and Andrew N. Brooks COO. Both play active roles in promotion of the company and assistance to the members. Jeanette Brooks is especially good at public speaking, and frequents the executive seminars.

Company executives include Kurtis D. Nielsen and E. Wesley Huff as Director of Operations

Xocai also has what they call their Field Advisory Board (FAB)

The FAB is made up of the top seven Xocai – MXI Corp Distributorships worldwide with the purpose of creating synergy between the Company and Xocai Associates in the field and to discuss any challenges and successes in the MXI Corp Network.

Xocai Products

Can chocolate really be good for you?

Loads of people really love chocolate, but many can’t eat it as it is not beneficial to their health. According to Xocai, their product is different. Apparently, nutrients are easily absorbed and the product is 100 percent natural. It’s great for you, It tastes great and if you want to, you can make money with it.

Xocai healthy chocolate is taken from the cocoa plant which is the highest source for antioxidants in the world. Some of the benefits of using the products, as listed by Xocai are, apart from its great taste, Xocai: encourages proper weight and appetite control, heightens mental functions, boosts energy, better cardiovascular health, optimizes moods, supports health glucose levels, is full of antioxidants, protects the skin, helps fight aging, reduces healthy inflammation, improves oral health and is supported by modern science. Many natural products on the market claim to have health benefits, but supply no hard scientific evidence to back up those claims. Xocai is the result of extensive research and development by a large team of experts and carries the Brunswick Labs seal of quality assurance.


Xocai Opportunity

The basic distributor fee for Xocai is $39.00. It entitles the member to purchase product as wholesale, receive a training kit, and have access to the Xocai distributor back office for one year.


Xocai Comp plan

The compensation plan is a binary with some interesting bonuses.

As with most binaries, your objective is to achieve a certain rank, in Xocai’s case “Royal” and then help others to become Royals in your organization. Enrolling in the Auto-Ship Program ($39) is not required, but is recommended, so you can maximize your commissions and take full advantage of the up to 50% payout of commission-able volume.

There are eight ways to earn income through the MXI Compensation Plan and various leadership levels. There are also enticing rewards like Caribbean Cruises, Head office flyins, 100K journey reward and Mercedes-Benz car allowances.

But these bonuses and rewards should NOT be the reason that you join Xocai.


In closing, Xocai. is a good company that sells high quality products and has strong leaders. However, contrary to what you may have been told, that has very little to do with whether you will be successful or not. You see, the leaders will not sell the products for you and make you successful. You yourself will have to do that AND bring in your own Xocai distributors to make your business a success. In fact, that applies to whatever company you belong to in the direct selling, network marketing industry.

This is why I recommend learning how to market and brand yourself, not your company. That way when people join, they join YOU not your company, thus giving you complete control over how you operate your business and allow you to take over any mlm company you are with.

Should you join Xocai today and become one of the Xocai healthy chocolate distributors? That of course is up to you. Either way, to attain success in the twenty-first century you must know how to market.

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Here’s to YOUR success.

Brett Jackson – Online marketing mentor.


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